111 Countries! Who is the Most Recent Addition to the TBL Roster?

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The numbers keep going up! We have recently added one more country to the list of places ToursByLocals has guides. We're now sitting at 1277 guides in 111 countries! The latest addition to the list is technically an independent state, rather than a full blown nation, but we're not being picky: today we welcome the Republic of San Marino to the ToursByLocals guide roster.

Incredibly, this tiny sovereign state (population 30,000) perched atop Mount Titano has been an independent republic since 301AD, when a Croatian stone-cutter built a church on top of a rocky bluff in the Italian Apennines. It is the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world.

The views from the 700m high mountain-top city are incredible. Everyone who can should climb up to the top of the Castello della Cesta, the highest and mightiest of San Marino's three fortresses, and delight in the incredible coastal panorama that unfolds beneath you. When you've had enough of the heights, you can go sub-terranean in a 13th century prison deep underground in the Montale Tower. Everywhere you go, you'll find good food and drink. San Marino is, after all, surrounded on all sides by Italian culture.

If you've docked at the cruise ship port in Ravenna, a daytrip to San Marino - and an additional stamp for your passport - is an excellent option. Our guide for the region is Barbara, a specialist in the Emilia - Romagna region of Italy alongside which San Marino nestles.
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