Meet a "Carioca"- our guide Ana Maria in Rio!

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At this time next year, Rio de Janeiro will be buzzing with activity (even more so than usual!), with the 2016 Summer Olympics in full swing. Will you be there then? Or maybe you’re planning to get there this fall or winter, before the crowds descend. Our guide Ana Maria joins us today to talk about some of the places no visitor to Rio should miss, at any time of year.

Guide’s name:
My name is Ana Maria Carlota.

What makes Rio such a great place to live?
It's really a WONDERFUL city because of its God blessed environment and the warm of its people, known as "cariocas". I was born in Rio and the reason I became a guide is my deep love for my city.

Tell us what no visitor to Rio should miss.
When visiting Rio you have to go by train to the top of Corcovado Mountain for an amazing 360-degree view of the city, and to see the Christ Redeemer Statue embracing all the visitors. Also, don't miss the Sugar Loaf and the Tijuca Forest tours.

Where should people go to get a great photo?
The best pictures will be taken from Santa Marta viewpoint, where you'll have access to the city's best angles, at 360 m above sea level. And don't miss the most spectacular sunset from the Arpoador Stone to celebrate your stay and the miracle of life in Rio!

What local food do you suggest visitors to Rio should try?
Definitely enjoy the typical foods, such as the smooth açaí fruit, our many fruit juices, baked cheese bread, black beans mixed with different cuts of meat known as " feijoada" and the Brazilian "churrasco" in a good barbecue restaurant.

Do you have a favourite restaurant you like to recommend to guests?
You have to visit Santa Teresa neighborhood and have an unforgettable lunch at Aprazivel restaurant. Surrounded by nature, ask for the palm heart roasted in its bark and the "escondidinho", sliced dried meat covered by cassava pure.

Thanks for the insights, Ana Maria! Travellers headed to Rio this year or next can get in touch with Ana Maria through her guide profile page. She'll design a customized tour experience to help you get the most out of her splendid city.
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