Company "Retreat" Issues a Full-Scale "Charge!!"

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This past Friday the ToursByLocals team stepped out of the office and into a conference room at the Vancouver Marriot Pinnacle Hotel to spend a day envisioning our company’s future and the steps we’ll be taking to get there. These events are commonly referred to as "retreats" in corporate-speak. A bit of a misnomer in this case, considering we spent the day discussing how ToursByLocals will be charging full-speed ahead!

The time away from our desks gave each member of the team a chance to celebrate our four years of solid growth, and to come together to invent our future as a truly global travel brand.

We were fortunate to be joined for the day by Luciano, one of our original guide-partners in Buenos Aires, and an invaluable resource when it comes to understanding the perspectives of guides on our site. Luciano’s involvement in the day’s brainstorming helped us continue to create a system that effectively supports local guides as they pursue their dreams of social entrepreneurship.

When we looked into the future, we imagined a lot of what we are today: an authentic, reliable, socially responsible, fun and customer-oriented company. But one BIG word stood out: we want to be EVERYWHERE. ToursByLocals is currently in 113 countries around the world. In the next few years we want to increase our presence so we have quality guides in every port of call, and everywhere people travel. We’re well on our way with 1332 guides offering unique, insightful tours of everything from their mother’s kitchens in Lima, Peru to the Hermitage’s incredible collection of art masterpieces in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Thanks to all our guides and travelers for playing crucial roles in our growth so far! We look forward to your company as we continue to journey forward.

Is there someplace you’d like us to have guides that we don’t already? Let us know on our Facebook Page!
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