Ramadan mubârak!

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This Friday marks the beginning of Ramadan, a sacred Islamic holiday. Wael, a local guide from Jordan, has written a short article about the holiday, and encourages people to come visit his part of the world during this special time in the Muslim calendar.

In Jordan and all other Islamic countries, the 20th of July marks the beginning of the Islamic Holy month of RAMADAN. The start of Ramadan always coincides with the rising of the new crescent moon. At this time all Muslim adults will stop drinking and eating for the whole day until the sun sets, which marks the time that they can again eat and drink, until sunrise. Ramadan continues for 30 days, ending with Eid ul-Fitr this year on August 18th.

The tourism businesses that are still working (which include many shops and restaurants) will continue to provide services for the local Christians and tourists, although they appreciate the respectful act of not eating or drinking in public streets or directly in front of them. As a visitor, you will like the new experience of seeing the Islamic traditions that make up Ramadan, like people enjoying feasting when their bodies are tired and thirsty, and buying special kinds of food, fruits, and juices for their family. There are many unique desserts and juices that you can buy only during Ramadan, like Khatayef, Tamer Hindi, Kharoob, Souse and a lot more. The daily sunset feasts are called iftar and can take place in lavish banquet halls or intimate family homes.

I invite you to visit Jordan in RAMADAN and experience the Muslim traditions that go along with this special holiday.
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