Puerto Rico: Your Next Adventure

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Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? Our local guide Melba – a young entrepreneur, community leader and eco-tourism guide based out of San Juan – joins us today to tell you why you shouldn’t miss this tiny Caribbean island.
Puerto Rico is a WONDER!

This small Island, 100 miles from West to East and 35 miles from North to South, is something out of this world. If you are nature lovers, history freaks, art appreciators, food explorers, shopping addicts, or just people that like to enjoy varied and wonderful experiences, I have good news. Puerto Rico is your destination!

Nature Lovers: Our Island has with an incredible variety of ecosystems that exist around the world. Just forget about deserts and snow; you can find the rest here in a very small scale. Besides that, it only takes 4 hours to drive from any corner of the Island to the furthest corner in relation. That means that you can enjoy a variety of ecosystems in just one or two days. Some of these ecosystems are: Coral Reefs, Sandy and Rocky Beaches; Dry Forest, Mangrove Forest and Rain Forest; Caves, Caverns and Limestone Hills; Wetlands, Lakes, Streams, Rivers and Waterfalls; Salty Flats, Lagoons, Channels and Bays; and more. Some of the outdoor activities you can do are: rappelling, mountain biking, surfing, swimming, sport fishing, hiking, trekking, bike riding, kayaking, boating, sailing, walking, horseback riding, among others. I also have to mention; we have the unique system of a bioluminescent lagoon (just how you saw it in ‘Life of Pi’). There are very few permanent ones around the world and this is my personal favorite.

History Freaks: 400 years fighting to maintain this little piece of land? Spaniards knew that the location of this Island was the Key to the New World. The San Juan Islet was protected with surrounding impenetrable walls, today Old San Juan. See the forts that are all World Heritage Sites and other things you’ll love like cobblestone streets, churches, historical monuments, architecture, statues, and museums. What about “the second capital of Puerto Rico”… ponceños say, “Ponce is Ponce and the rest [of Puerto Rico] is Parking”. While Spaniards defended the military city on the north, something else was happening in the south. Wealthy merchant families from around the world migrated to the south of Puerto Rico and turned this area into the base of the economy of Puerto Rico. You’ll see Chaflanes, the cathedral, historical monuments, fine architecture, fire fighter’s house, Serrallés Family Castle, and museums. Now for those of us that like the pre-Columbine history, we have several indigenous settlements around the island. Did you know that you have some of our Tainos’ heritage in your vocabulary? Where do you think the words Hurricane, Hammock, Canoe, Maracas and Barbecue came from?
San Juan and Ponce has a lot more than just history and Puerto Rico has more than its beautiful nature. All budgets are welcome, from fast food to fine restaurants, bargain shops and outlets or exclusive boutiques, souvenirs made in China or handmade Puerto Rican artisans’ pieces. You will love the experience of visiting Puerto Rico. As I started my article: Puerto Rico is a WONDER! And it’s no wonder we are called the Enchanted Island…

Thank you Melba! Melba has given over 50 tours around Puerto Rico with ToursByLocals and is an excellent ambassador for her part of the world. If you’re planning to head to Puerto Rico, consider seeing it with a local and making a new friend at the same time.
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