What to Do in Porto, Portugal

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Porto has a long history as Lisbon's rival to the North, but this enchanting Portuguese city holds its own as a tourist destination - today more than ever. Sitting pretty among the hilly landscape at the mouth of the Douro River, Porto welcomes visitors looking for history, culture and a good glass of port wine. Seven of our local Portuguese guides join us today to share some of their favourite things to do in their hometown. These local tips are a great place to begin planning your trip to Porto!

Seven Fabulous Things to Do in Porto

Ricardo M suggests: Stroll the ancient streets of old Porto

Walk on the ancient streets of downtown Porto and discover authentic places among the local friendly people. Lello's Bookshop, the river side and a taste of Port wine is a must. We are known for good simple food, great wine and nice beer. To move around our Metro is the way.

Miguel suggests: Try a francesina sandwich

Porto is famous for its francesina sandwiches: try suckling pig, sausage, or steak with Serra Estrella cheese. These all are great experiences that give travelers a true taste of the city! One of my favourite snack bars to eat these is Casa Guedes.

Ricardo Manuel suggests: Seek out the city's best viewpoint

Walk through the passage of Clarissa’s Convent by the churchyard of Santa Clara and you will reach the old City Wall; from this point you’ll find one of the best views of Porto and Gaia united by our famous bridges over the river Douro.

Norberto suggests: See sunset from the Serro do Pilar Belvedere

From Ribeira, cross the lower deck of Luis I bridge to Gaia, the neighbour city of Porto. Walk along the river towards the Gaia Cable Car. Take a ride up to Jardim do Morro. While passing over the long terracotta roofs of the Port Wine Cellars, you'll see all the ancient Port wine dripping right in front of you. Walk up to Serra do Pilar Belvedere for the most beautiful viewpoint over the city. Try to get there close to sunset time! If you don't have vertigo, walk back to Porto crossing the upper deck of the bridge.

Ricardo O suggests: Cruise the Douro River

Take the road to upstream the Douro River and visit the Oldest Demarcated Wine Region in the World. After tasting the Port Wine in Porto is a must to visit where this fabulous wine is produced. The region is breathtaking because the vines are planted in terraces along the hillsides. The viewpoints are something very unique because from there you can admire the shape of the mountains with the river cutting the landscapes giving you some relaxing and inspiring sensations. Surrounded by this phenomenal landscapes nothing fits better than a panoramic cruise with a glass of wine, guided by a local.

Francisco suggests: Visit peaceful Serralves and its beautiful gardens

In the middle of the city you will find Serralves and its gorgeous gardens. My advice, throw away your watch and discover its secrets. From there, you can see the ocean, and there is only one option: visit a typical fish restaurant and have a sample of our wonderful cuisine.

Ruben suggests: Sip a glass of porto on the terrace at Porto Cruz

Porto Cruz is amazing! When the weather allows me, if I go to the Riverside of Gaia I never lose the opportunity to go up to the terrace of the Porto Cruz building and drink a glass of Port wine. Nowadays, Porto Cruz is not only a Porto wine brand, it’s also a restaurant with a terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful 360 degree view of the landscape of Oporto city while having a drink and listening to live music.
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