Sampling the treasures of Naples - from Pizza to Pompeii

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Less than 30 minutes from modern day Naples, under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, one of Western civilization's most compelling and tragic stories unfolded - the destruction of Pompeii in the year 79 AD. Today, travellers from around the world visit the archeological site to see an Ancient Roman city preserved in a moment in time.

Our local guide and resident archeologist Emiliano joins us today to share his fascination with Pompeii and his love of all things Naples. As Emiliano explains, while the region's history is impressive, there is also much delight to be found in present-day Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

Hello everybody, this is Emiliano from the incredible Pompeii in Italy.

How I became a guide
I’m a post-graduate in archaeology, and spent most of my life in archaeological fields across Europe, North Africa and the Near East. In 2010 I found myself without archeological work, so I decided to go by the entrance of the ruins in Pompeii and wait for tourists to offer them guided tours. I did my first tour on March 6th 2010 and today I’m still involved in the guiding business. I’m also still involved in archeological research; I’m studying at the university to achieve another specialization and continue to take part in digs.

I love it here because…
The area where I live has amazing weather, with nice warm summers, mild springs and autumns and very short winters; living here and working as a guide gives me the privilege to spend a lot of time in the open air.

Three attraction you can’t miss around Naples
My region has many attractions; travellers visiting here have at their disposal dozens of possible excursions! However, three excursions you shouldn’t miss are the ones to Pompeii and Herculaneum, to the Amalfi Coast, and to the island of Capri. I’m a Vespa scooter lover, I got my first Vespa Special 50cc when I was fourteen; four years ago I started doing Vespa tours in my area. Believe me, a ride in the City of Naples or along the Amalfi Coast with a maximum speed of 40 km per hour, stopping in all of the beautiful and interesting places is a must-do activity when you are here!

Local foods you should try
Pizza was invented in Naples, and not in Chicago as some Americans will say. Nobody should leave Naples without trying a wood oven Margherita. And when in Naples, please don’t ask for a pizza with pineapples or other strange ingredients on the top; they are not in use here and look very weird to the Neapolitans.

I love good food and wine. I have the luck to live in an area where many amazing products originate, such as the buffalo mozzarella of Barripaglia, the tomatoes of San Marzano, the anchovies of Cetara, the lemons of Sorrento and Amalfi, the artichokes of Paestum, and also great wines such as the Aglianico form Avellino and Benevento, the Falerno from Caserta, the Greco di Tufo fom the Irpinia, the Falanghina from Benevento and Caserta, the Lacrima Christy from the Mount Vesuvius, and much more – too many to list! One of my hobbies is to try out with my family and friends the many excellent restaurants serving traditional or newly elaborated dishes, and I love to suggest the best ones to my visitors.

Best place to take the perfect trip photo
I love to take photos, especially archaeological photos and portraits of my two children. In Pompeii I normally suggest people stop for a shoot in the Forum, where through the columns is visible the majestic Mount Vesuvius in the background.

The travellers who choose my tours are much more than clients; I treat all of them as if they were old friends, sharing with them my knowledge, my opinions on food and wine, the best activities to do and places to visit in my area and elsewhere in Italy. Should you ever come to Naples and Pompeii, I look forward to meeting you!

If you're headed to Naples in 2016, send Emiliano a message! He'll design your perfect day, or multiple days, in this spectacular part of Italy.
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