A Picture Says a Thousand Words: TBL Photography Tours

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A beautiful photo often makes the best trip souvenir. Sometimes we luck out and snap a shot that’s frame-worthy, and other times we add another few degrees to the leaning tower of Pisa, or focus on Trafalgar Square’s pigeons, rather than Lord Nelson.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go through your trip photos back home and feel like they really captured the atmosphere of your holiday?

We’re lucky at ToursByLocals to have many accomplished photographers as part of our worldwide network of guides. As well as being friendly hosts and ambassadors for their city, these guides have a portfolio of beautiful photographs, and can help you learn how to use your camera better, and bring home wonderful images from your trip. Below are four of our friendly photographer-guides who work in North America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe:

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of Iceland
Based out of Reykjavik, Stefan has led numerous photographic expeditions in Iceland. The nation’s dramatic scenery cries out to be captured by a steady hand and experienced eye; Stefan will teach you how to take the best landscape photos, and even help document your day for you with a CD of images from his own camera.

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of Santorini
Imagine a sunset cruise around the coast of Santorini, Greece. Or aiming your camera at the whitewashed buildings gleaming against the deep azure of the Mediterranean sky. There are fewer islands in the world more picturesque - and photogenic! - than Santorini. Martin is our photographer-guide on this island, and he'll have you bringing home photos that will make your friends want to hop on the next Greece-bound plane.

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of Barcelona
In Barcelona Francisco is a professional photographer/guide who takes travelers on a photography tour around Barcelona, using its architecture to tell a story of the city. Beginning in the old Gothic quarter and moving forwards in time to Gaudi’s works, provide camera instruction along with commentary about the city. He'll also take photos of you during your tour - the best souvenir!

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of New York City
Rob in New York City is a former photojournalist-turned-tour guide. He offers cycling tours and walking tours with frequent photo stops that focus on subjects like Manhattan's iconic skyline, the Brooklyn Brownstones and East Village tenement architecture.

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of Moscow
Julia in Moscow is a professional photographer with a different approach. She’s happy to offer photography tips on all of her tours, but she’ll also spend time taking photos of her travelers throughout their day, so they have photographic souvenirs of their tour. The particular tour we've linked to above takes place in the dramatic Moscow Metro stations.

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of Israel
Israel offers dramatic natural and urban landscapes to capture with your camera, with such unique features as the Dead Sea, and the rich colours and textures of centuries old marketplaces. Based in Jerusalem, ToursByLocals guide Shmuel will lend you his expertise as a photographer to help you bring home vivid visual memories of your time in his country.

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of Jakarta
Jakarta is one of Asia's fastest growing cities, and provides ample opportunity to capture frenetic big city moments, alongside traditional markets and nearby fishing villages. It's also an interesting place to witness the dichotomy of rich and poor, playing out in the streets every day. Your guide Benny is keen to share his passion for this complicated city, and teach you some tricks with your camera as you go.

ToursByLocals Photo Tours of San Francisco
Gary has been a commercial photographer for over 20 years so has an eye for the most scenic and breathtaking places to take people. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands, he will show you the most visually arresting places around San Francisco.

Click on the links to meet these guides - and no more excuses for dull or blurry trip photos!
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