TBL President Visits Guides in London, Rome and Florence

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Paul Melhus, ToursByLocals' president, is flying back to Vancouver today from a trip to London, Rome and Florence, where he had the chance to meet with our guides in these top-selling cities. This is the best part of working for (or in Paul's case, owning!) ToursByLocals: the ability to spend time with fabulous people everywhere we travel.

Every time we meet these guides in person, whether it's for the first or the fifth time, we're impressed by their knowledge, their passion and their all around likability! We're also reminded of why we created ToursByLocals: to make sure as many travellers as possible are able to enrich their travels by connecting with such top quality local guides.

The company is in the process of setting up a UK office to better serve our European customers, and North American early birds and night owls! Paul's visit to London helped to move us closer to launch.

Attached are pictures of the guides in London and Rome.
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