A Local's Guide to Paris

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In our blog, we’ve always featured great insider content from local experts in cities all over the world. Our ever evolving and growing network of guides ensures we’ll never run short of local recommendations, no matter where people travel!
Starting today, we’ll continue to feature our guides’ local expertise by posing a series of questions that drills down to what travellers are always asking us: where do the locals eat? What should I NOT miss? Where are the best photo opps? We’re also giving our guides a chance to explain to us what it is they love about where they live.

We begin by interviewing our guide Isabelle in Paris, France. It’s no surprise that Paris is a popular destination among our travellers, and every year our guides here book more tours than any other city in the TBL network.

1. Guide’s name: Isabelle A.

2. Why I became a guide: Since I was a kid, I've been very fond of history. Becoming a guide was the best way to be in touch with the history I learned from books, but in a more tangible way, through the monuments and places of Paris. During my tours I try to bring clients into the past by explaining daily life, ways of thinking and how the people of Paris would have behaved centuries ago.

3. Describe why you love your city/region in one sentence: I cannot imagine working as a guide in any other place than Paris; I see this city as the heart of History, Art and Beauty.

4. Top 3 things not to miss when visiting your city/region: The Louvre, The Musee d’Orsay, and Sainte-Chapelle.

5. Best place to go for a great photo: I suggest three places: The Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower, the hill of Montmartre overlooking the roofs of Paris, and the river Seine from Ile Saint-Louis.

6. Tell us one local food specialty everyone visiting your city/region should try: Soupe à l'oignon at the Pied de Cochon, or the best hot chocolate you will ever taste at Angelina.

7. Your favourite local restaurant(s)/café(s): Le Procope, the oldest cafè in Paris

8. Best place to celebrate a special occasion: The most romantic way to spend a special evening is a cruise on the River Seine with Bateau Parisiens Company.
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