One Thousand Tours!

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Today we’re honouring a major accomplishment and milestone at ToursByLocals: our first guide to reach one thousand tours delivered!

Chizuko has been a ToursByLocals guide since early 2011, and in the past six years has taken exactly 1000 groups on tour in her home town of Kyoto, Japan. She’s so busy right now during Japan’s beautiful spring that if we don’t honour her today, she’ll slip to 1001 by tomorrow!

Chizuko’s knowledge of traditional Japanese culture runs deep: for years she has been taking part in, and introducing visitors to, the tea ceremony, Japanese flower arrangement, Kimono dressing and calligraphy. Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for over one thousand years, and today the city is a bastion of Japanese culture; a strong knowledge of tradition is essential for a guide working here.

Here are just a few snippets from the over 400 ToursByLocals reviews Chizuko has amassed over the years:

“Chizuko greeted us warmly with a big, energetic smile from the beginning! Just an overall wonderfully pleasant and fun day full of fun, laughter and learning! Chizuko made our half day tour so memorable, we will be talking about it for many years to come!”
Leslie Trippe, USA

“If you want to cover as many places as you can with a limited time, Chizuko is the answer!”
Maria Tibung, USA

“We had an amazing day with Chizuko. She was very accommodating and tailored the day around our needs. We got to see areas we would never have found without her, and her knowledge about history and custom was excellent. It added so much to our visit.”
Melinda Cavalieri, Australia

“Chizuko was both a tour guide and a friend and we enjoyed her companionship immensely.”
Susan Roth, USA

“We have hired several tour guides for our travels throughout the world and Chizuko was by far the best guide my family and I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind, and she found things to engage and entertain two teenage boys. What a gift to have Chizuko for our guide.”
Janet Plack, United Kingdom

Chizuko, we appreciate your dedication, your cheerful attitude and above all your passion for sharing Kyoto with the many travelers who visit each year. Thanks for being an incredible part of our team!
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