“You Have Guides There?” Ten Out-Of-The-Way Places to Find Adventure

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You’re a savvy traveller; you’ve used our guides in Paris or New York. Or perhaps Rome or Florence. But when you’re ready for more off the beaten track destinations, did you know you can use ToursByLocals to find local guides pretty much anywhere you travel? Below we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite activities with ToursByLocals guides in locales that just might surprise you.

Hike one of the world's deepest gorges
Tiger Leaping Gorge, in Northern Yúnnán, China, is one of the deepest gorges in the world, stretching a dizzying 3900m from the Jinsha River to the towering mountain peaks on either side. Travelers can hike the 16km gorge in a leisurely 3-4 days or power through it in two. However you choose, you’ll have a friendly guide at your side.

Book an Icelandic tasting tour for the bold and the brave!
You might consider yourself a foodie…but have you ever eaten fermented shark in Iceland? Anthony Bourdain calls this local delicacy: “the single worst, most disgusting, terrible thing” he’s ever eaten. Our local guide Gudrun in Reykjavik, author of “A Gastronomic Guide to Iceland” will encourage you to give it a try while you explore her magical homeland.

Go Fly Fishing in Bulgaria
It’s worth trying this activity, just so someday you can begin a story with “One time, while I was fly-fishing in Bulgaria…” The clear waters of the beautiful but little known Rezvaya River flow through the protected area of Strandja Mountain, past the small town of Malko Tarnovo, near the border with Turkey. Your guide can take you fly fishing for brown trout, while regaling you with stories of Bulgaria’s history and legends, its traditions and culture.

Explore the Amazon by night…and catch a piranha!
Speaking of fishing, you can watch the sun set over the waters of the Amazon as you fish for piranhas – their razor sharp teeth make them a far cry from the tamer cod, trout or salmon you may have caught on less exotic fishing trips. Once darkness has fallen, your guide will help you spot the jungle’s elusive nighttime creatures.

Watch the sun rise over Mt. Bromo, Indonesia
Chances are you’ve seen the sun rise over the ocean. But what about over the crater of an active volcano? Mount Bromo in Indonesia is part of a stunning landscape at any time of day, but catching it at the magical moment of first light is an experience to remember. Our guide will help you find your way there before the sun rises!

Go on a Lemur Safari in Madagascar
Many people dream of going to Kenya or Tanzania to see the “Big Five” … but what about a safari that introduces you to some of the cutest creatures on earth? Madagascar is home to no fewer than 100 species of lemurs, all endemic to this isolated island nation. Bring your binoculars, because you’ll also have the chance to spot hundreds of types of indigenous birds, another hundred mammal species and countless unique reptiles and amphibians.

Listen to a steel pan orchestra in Trinidad
Sway to the quintessentially Trinidadian sound of the steel pan drums at a local panyard – a community gathering and performance space integral to local culture. You’ll be spending time with Ricardo, a seasoned guide and deeply engaged member of the island’s cultural community.

Learn to cook middle-eastern dishes with a local chef in Oman
Learn about the culture and heritage of the Sultanate of Oman while you cook Middle-Eastern delicacies with your local guide Christin. Prepare chicken kabuli and okra mara, accompanied by raita and rokhal. For dessert, feast on the tiny and delicious honeyed lokhaimat.

Visit the lowest, driest and hottest area in the Western Hemisphere
Where is this infamous place? California’s aptly named “Death Valley” sees temperatures climb above 90 degrees Fahrenheit an average 192 days a year. Visit in the summer (from the comfort of your guide’s air-conditioned car!) and drive through some of the hottest temperatures on earth, or enjoy a stunning hike in spring or fall.

Follow in the footsteps of convicts…in Tasmania
Tucked away down south at the bottom of Australia is the island of Tasmania, home to devils, windswept coastline and centuries of sordid colonial history. Head to the southeastern corner of the island and you’ll find the Tasman Peninsula: a microcosm of magnificent scenery, wildlife, history and adventure. Definitely not to be missed by anyone who chooses to venture Down Under!
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