From Cloud Forests to Golden Beaches: Discover Nicaragua with local guide Gerald

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The beautiful country of Nicaragua has something for every type of adventurer: from volcanic lakes to cloud forests, coffee plantations to indigenous villages, golden beaches to thriving metropolises, this is a rising tourism destination that's soon to be on everyone's radar. Introducing himself today is our guide Gerald, a proud citizen of Managua.

I became a guide in 1999. How did this happen? My godfather used to be a driver in the first tourism company in Nicaragua. When I was old enough, he took me to his job where I was introduced to his boss, and later I was trained and hired to take travellers on shores excursions. Since that time, I’ve earned a degree in Tourism Management, shown around crews from Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, and even won a Top Guide Award from REI Adventure Travel.

My favorite thing about where I live is the fast development happening in Managua, where they are recovering the reputation of a capital 43 years ago before it was destroyed by the major earthquake. I love the people, who have a strong energy and enthusiasm to become better each day and have pride in keeping our culture a thing of high importance.

The top 3 thing visitors to Nicaragua should visit are: The Active Volcano of Masaya, Granada Colonial city with Lake Nicaragua, and the Pacific Beach of San Juan del Sur. My two personal favourite experiences are hiking Maderas volcano in Ometepe Island and going bird watching in the River San Juan, two things I highly recommend doing if you love nature and being active outdoors!

When in Nicaragua, the food you should try is the Nacatamales and Quesillos. Want a good place to try these things? My favorite restaurant is Zavuan in Granada.

The best spot to take a great photo is at the lookout of Catarina Town from where you can see the crater lagoon of Apoyo, and Granada.

Nicaragua is an absolute paradise for lovers of pristine nature and adventurous travel. The country has evolved a great deal from the negative stereotypes you may have heard, and you will find local people eager to share with you their love of their beautiful homeland.

Come to Nicaragua and experience the uniqueness of this country with a living humble heart before it gets commercialized!

If you visit Nicaragua, don't miss out on the chance to meet Gerald! You can read more about him and his tours on his guide profile page.
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