Niagara: Horseshoe Falls and Beyond - Tips from a local guide

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Our guide Bevin lives within walking distance of one of the world’s mightiest tourist attractions: Niagara Falls. But as a long-time local, Bevin knows there’s a lot more to Niagara than Horseshoe Falls! He’s here today to tell us a bit more about this beautiful part of southern Ontario.

Niagara Falls, Ontario is home of the magnificent, majestic Horseshoe Falls, visited by an astounding 12 to 15 million tourists annually. They watch as 20% of the world’s fresh water cascades over the 188 foot rim of the Falls at the astounding rate of 6 million cubic feet per minute. This is about enough water to fill 1 million bathtubs!

In the city of Niagara Falls itself, you have many interesting places to explore: the Journey Behind the Falls, Niagara’s Fury, White Water Walk alongside the rapids, and the Hornblower Niagara Cruise to the Falls, where an exhilarating 20 minute boat ride takes you close enough to almost touch the crashing water. At night, 21 spotlights illuminate the falls and at 10p.m. Friday, Sunday and Holidays from the beginning of May until the first Sunday in September, you can see a brilliant Firework display provided by Niagara Parks.

But there’s more to Niagara than the falls! Many tourists come to Niagara, visit the Falls and nearby attractions, then leave thinking they have seen it all. That is far from true! The Niagara Region has much, much more to offer, from the beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, the Welland Shipping Canal, Niagara Parkway, and over 66 wineries and 20 great golf courses within a 15 minute drive of Niagara Falls.

A drive along the Niagara River is a must. It’s technically a Strait running 36 miles, connecting Lake Erie to Lake Ontario before entering the St Lawrence River and eventually flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. Running alongside the river is the Niagara Parkway, founded back in 1885. This lovely drive boasts a diverse offering of attractions along its length, including the Whirlpool, Floral Clock, Butterfly Conservatory, Botanical Gardens and Floral Show House.

At the north end of the parkway you enter Niagara-on-the-Lake. The first capital of Upper Canada dates back to 1792 and the town’s history is tangible as you walk past its many heritage homes. Here you will find some of the finest guest accommodation, from historic Bed & Breakfasts to 5-star boutique hotels, as well as outstanding restaurants. If you like flowers, you will appreciate the many flower beds which consistently help Niagara-on-the-Lake win the title of “Prettiest Town in Canada”. The first newspaper, bank, and pharmacy in Canada were all established here, along with 18th century Fort George, one of the first forts built in Canada. As if all this weren’t enough of a draw, Niagara-on-the-Lake is also home to the renowned Shaw Festival Theatre, and the town is surrounded by wineries, 27 in all, producing wines that have become known worldwide since the first winery was established in 1975. Nothing beats a wine-tasting followed by a summer lunch on a patio overlooking the fields of grapes.

Come visit Niagara for a great experience you will never forget.

Thank you Bevin, for wetting our appetites for a visit to the Niagara region! Every season here offers its own unique delights; travelers planning a trip to the falls should get in touch with Bevin for recommendations on how best to spend your time here.
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