Springtime in New York

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Everywhere you look in North America, springtime is unfurling its welcome greenness over cities and towns. Those in the northeast have suffered through a particularly long, cold winter; over on the balmier west coast, we can almost hear their sighs of relief at the welcome signs of spring. Our guide Remo in New York City joins us today to explain why now is a wonderful time to visit his part of the world.

New York just might be at its most beautiful in the spring. There’s a big effort put forth by the City Parks Department in planting spring flowers. Everywhere you walk, you see daffodils, tulips, Easter lilies...

Plus, the tiny local gardens maintained by residents are also beginning to bloom. In front of buildings, in that little space between the sidewalk and the street, you can see residents on their hands and knees carefully planting their wee gardens around the trunk of a tree, which in all likelihood is flowering.

Other small patches of ground on street corners, especially in Greenwich Village, are also attended by local residents and they work as a team to enhance their community garden… One of my favorite is the lovely Jane Street Garden, located near the south entrance to the famous Highline Park.

Central Park: WOW. The park impresses residents and visitors with brilliant patches of flowers for all to enjoy; especially the “Conservancy Gardens”, located at the north end of the park. In April, you can see (and smell) grape hyacinths, daffodils, hellebores and cherry blossoms. And across the bridge in Brooklyn, the Botanic Garden in Prospect Park comes alive after its winter slumber with wonderful displays of spring. Magnolias will be blooming any day.

In Midtown, everywhere you go there are planters filled with colorful flowers. In the shadow if the Empire State Building, right outside Macy’s, lining Times Square...

Truly, spring is special in New York. Come and see us soon.

If you’re bound for a spring (or summer!) trip to New York, consider getting in touch with Remo for a New York City tour customized to show you your dream of the Big Apple.
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