ToursByLocals Welcomes Three New Office Staff (and will soon have to buy more office chairs!)

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As more and more travelers are discovering ToursByLocals, and as ToursByLocals continues to find amazing guides in more parts of the world, we’ve had to hire some new bodies to keep up with the need for customer support in our Vancouver office.

This brings our total marketing and administrative staff to 14 people. We thought we’d introduce Alex and Paul to you, just in case you find yourselves chatting with one of them on the phone someday soon.

Alex Goddard will be taking the early shift, so if you’re calling from Europe, you’ll likely get to know her voice. Like the rest of our staff here, Alex is passionate about travel, and loves to help others plan the best trip possible. Her favourite trip so far has been to Cape Tribulation in Australia, and her dream destinations include Cape Town, Nepal and India.

Paul Field will be working the other end of the clock, helping night owls who want to get a jump on their travel plans (and the early birds in Europe.) While he’s currently working out of our Vancouver office, Paul will be heading back to his hometown of Montreal shortly, and will continue his customer support work from that location. His dream travel destinations include Norway, Italy and Paris, France.

In addition to these recent customer support hires, there’s another change in our office. Sara Cooke has taken on the role of Director of Communications for ToursByLocals. Many of you may be familiar with her “voice” on Facebook and Twitter, and right here in the blog. She’ll continue to reach out and respond to our travelers and guides though our various social media platforms, company newsletters and our website. Her biggest travel dreams both lie in the southern hemisphere: Patagonia and South Africa.
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