ToursByLocals moving towards 24/7 Live Customer Support

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Our Customer Support Team is expanding! We work with guides and travelers in every time zone around the world, so it only makes sense that we should be available around the clock. This is a challenge to achieve in our Vancouver headquarters, with few people jumping at the chance to work overnight in an empty office. So customer support has gone international!

Last week we opened a brand new office in London, England. The office will be staffed by Gabriella and Sanna, our two new customer support hires. Gabriella recently finished a month-long training period in Vancouver, and Sanna arrives this weekend to begin hers. While they wait for Sanna to arrive, Matthew from our Guide Support team is helping Gabriella to man the phones in London.

We'll always be headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, but ToursByLocals now has satellite offices in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Montreal and London.

Our new customer support hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 24 hours/day
Friday: Until 5pm PST
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 9am onwards

We continue to encourage people to direct questions about their specific destinations and itineraries to the local experts: our guides. But we're committed to helping our travelers in any way possible, and can now be reached by phone or email virtually every hour of the week: 1.866.844.6783.
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