Nepal Earthquake

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Our hearts and minds have been with the people of Nepal since Saturday's devastating earthquake uprooted families across the nation. We've been trying to reach our Nepalese guides, and have heard from most, but not yet all of them. Communication is difficult right now, with power outages making it hard to reach people. While the guides we have heard from are safe, several of them have lost their houses, and are sleeping in tents, out in the open, for fear of more aftershocks.

ToursByLocals has made a financial donation to UNICEF, who, along with other charitable organizations, are staging relief efforts in Nepal. Right now, the Canadian government, along with UNICEF's corporate sponsors, are matching dollar for dollar every donation made. This means that every dollar an individual donates TRIPLES in value as a charitable donation. Canadians can donate here: Donate to UNICEF for Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

We strongly urge all our travellers to consider helping the people of Nepal with a financial donation to UNICEF, or another organization working to stage relief efforts. Here is a list of just a few of the charities currently working to bring aid to Nepal: New York Times: where to donate.

We wish our guides and their families in Nepal strength and hope in the days and weeks to come.
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