South America's Premier Food Festival

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Have you ever experienced the wonders of Mistura? This popular Peruvian food festival is one of the most highly anticipated culinary events in South America, and it returns to Lima's Magdalena del Mar for the seventh time on September 5th.

From the 5th to the 14th of September, visitors to Mistura can embark on a day-long gastronomic adventure, sampling fresh ingredients and local dishes from the three main regions of Peru: the Coast, the Mountains and the Jungle.

Peruvians use food to tell the story of their unique biodiversity, and the distinct cultures that stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon to the Andes. Mistura is the perfect place to put this geographical confluence on display, and to provide an opportunity for locals and visitors to immerse themselves in a foodie experience.

The Mistura fairgrounds are divided into different “worlds” for food-lovers to explore: Creole, brasa and anticuchos, ceviche, Andean and Amazonian, Southern, Northern, street food, sandwiches, chifa and Nikkei food, sweets, and bars. There are also special areas for bread, pisco, and artisan beer. It's definitely a place to bring your appetite!

As any visitor to Peru will quickly learn, cooking plays a big role in the country's culture. Conversations with Peruvians frequently diverge into culinary discussions: Peruvians are often curious about what typical food is like in other countries, and enjoy talking about what is unique to Peru. Our Peruvian guides are no exception! They're eager to share their favourite local dishes and restaurants with ToursByLocals travelers. One guide in particular, Julius, has designed a September gastronomy tour that includes a visit to Mistura. "I am very proud that Lima was considered the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America," says Julius. "We have such a rich variety of ingredients that we use to create our unique Peruvian dishes."

Are you traveling to Peru this September? Don't miss visiting the Mistura Festival with your own local foodie expert! You can start a conversation with Julius through his guide profile - he's looking forward to hearing from you.
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