ToursByLocals featured in Family Travel column on MSNBC

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We woke up this morning to some great press coverage for ToursByLocals and one of our stellar guides: Aldo in Taormina, Sicily.

Aldo spent a day touring around the historic town of Taormina and its surroundings with American travel journalist Eileen Ogintz, long-time columnist at

In the article, Ogintz talks about the benefits of hiring a local guide when traveling with kids, as opposed to buying spots in the ship's standard shore excursion offering. She writes: "When you book independently, you can get to places farther off the beaten path away from the crowds and tailored to your interest. The guides will be more apt to joke with the kids, answering their questions, even staging a scavenger hunt, which hopefully will keep them more interested and engaged."

While it often ends up being cheaper to hire a private guide when you're traveling with a small group, the local experience is about much more than saving money. After her tour with Aldo, Ogintz learns that "It’s about doing what you want when you want, away from the crowds. It’s the luxury of enjoying where you are without the stress of finding your own way in unfamiliar environs. That’s worth a lot."

Thanks Aldo, for showing this journalist just what ToursByLocals is all about.
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