Madrid Nightlife: Five Spots to See and Be Seen

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Our guide Gemma in Madrid has become a bit of a regular on our travel blog: in the past she's shared insightful tips on Madrid's lively food and shopping scenes. Today she's here to tell the night owls among us about the best places to enjoy the city's nightlife - an integral part of Madrid's culture.

The nightlife in Madrid is unique - there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. There are always places where you can go out, to dance, laugh, talk, or flirt. In Madrid, going out at night is a source of culture. There is something for everybody: from the most minimalist chill-out bars to the most enticing clubs and Goth bars, from the questionable dives to the wildest after hours clubs and nostalgic dance halls.

Some current favorites of mine are:

Distinguished: Cock ( De la Reina St. #16) A secret place since it opened in the 1920's, decorated in sporting British style. It's the perfect place to chat and enjoy the pleasant music and drinks. The irreverent Coen brothers visited the place and rated it as a truly elegant spot in town.

Classic: Del Diego( De la Reina St. #16) You will never be disappointed here. Visit the new and fashionable places open continuously in town and, at the end, you will be back to this Mad Man style pub. The waiters are a real sight: elegant and impeccable in their tuxedos. This venue offers one of the longest cocktail menus in Madrid. My personal choice is the GinFizz …unbeatable!

Stylish: Glass Bar in Hotel Urban (Carrera De San Jeronimo #34) A cozy and refined atmosphere for the coolest people. Surrounded by glass panels, with an impressive chandelier imported from Morocco in the spotlight and transparent 'Ghost' chairs designed by French Philippe Starck, this is the ideal space for feeling special, for seeing and being seen while distractedly watching a classic movie .

Trendy: Ramses (Independencia Sq. # 4) This three-level club distills pop culture and glamour. A hot spot in Madrid's bar scene, Ramses is a favorite of soccer players, athletes, TV stars and models. Sit next to one of the large windows and enjoy the view of the monumental Puerta de Alcala.

Decadent: Toni 2 (Almirante St. #9) When the night starts to fade out, around 3 am, it is the time to land on this Piano Bar. Here you will find all kind of people crammed around a Yamaha grand piano, which, like a demiurge full of magnetism, makes things happen around him. A lot of fun.

...if you can keep going until 8am you can enjoy an energetic "Chocolate con Churros", a local tradition before retiring to your quarters.

I'll see you in Madrid!

Thanks Gemma! Anyone traveling to Madrid who wants more tips on the city's culture scene should get in touch with Gemma to arrange a private tour with a truly fabulous local guide.
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