Madagascar: a Fantasy Come To Life

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Madagascar is one of the world's largest and most bio-diverse islands. Having separated from mainland Africa over 130 million years ago, its plant and animal life was left to evolve in complete and splendid isolation. The result? An exotic land where over 80% of the wildlife are found nowhere else on earth.

Today we're introducing you to our Madagascar guide Ravo. While looking through some of the comments ToursByLocals travellers have left for Ravo, one in particular stood out: "Ravo is much much more than just a normal guide, he is a 'fantasy' maker, and he turned Madagascar into Fantasy Island for us." These travellers loved the way Ravo helped them access not only Madagascar's undeniably unique natural attractions, but its human side as well, by introducing them to local families and helping them understand traditional ways of life.

Is Madagascar on your travel fantasy list? Perhaps Ravo can help you too. Here's a bit more about him.

Guideā€™s name:
Ravo from Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Why I became a guide:
It was good luck for me to become a tour guide. Why? Because back when I became a tour guide in 1993, nobody really knew Madagascar as a tour destination. So I've decided to become a tour guide with no real reason! But then the visitors began to come. And the amazing fact is that the more I did this job, the more it made me excited, the more it leads me to love the nature and the more it leads me to love the people of Madagascar and the people I guide.

What makes Madagascar so special?
Madagascar has a lot of endemicity which are highly sought after by tourists. Examples of this are the wonderful Baobabs, pretty lemurs and the famous Tsingy (a jurassic calcareous rock formation). And we have many different kinds of Natural Parks (evergreen tropical forests, dry deciduous forests, dry spiny forests, etc.) Our unique nature is on display everywhere you travel in Madagascar!

What's the best place to go for a great photo?
For great photos I advise you to visit the Pangalanes Canal to see typical lemurs and the famous Avenue of Baobabs at sunset, but don't forget to take with you mosquitoes repellent, your own medical supplies and a dose of understanding (because of the lack of certain infrastructures in Madagascar).

Tell us one local food specialty everyone visiting Madagascar should try:
We eat a lot of rice in Madagascar: at lunch, at dinner, breakfast. So to test Malagasy spirit, why not to try to eat Malagasy breakfast just one time? It's a soft rice mixed with green leaves and smoked zebu meat. You can ask for this common dish in every restaurant of one-star or more.

Get off the beaten track in Madagascar! This land, and I await your arrival with great anticipation!
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