London’s Calling!

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Do you know which city gets more international visitors than any other? If you guessed London, you’d be right: in 2015, Mastercard’s forecast of “Global Destination Cities” predicted 18.8 million visitors would spend time in the British capital this year.

And yet despite high visitor numbers, ToursByLocals guides in London only see a quarter of the business that our guides in places like Paris, Rome and Tokyo do. Is this because our English-speaking travellers don’t see as much need for a guide in England?

While there's no doubt it's easier to get around a city when you can read street signs and maps, a local London guide adds immense value to any traveller’s time here.

Here’s a small sample of what you could see, do and learn about with one of our London guides:

•Discover historic Southwark on the South Bank, once home to Shakespeare, the infamous Winchester Geese, the peerless Golden Hinde, and delectable, centuries-old Borough Market.

First time visitors to London can immerse themselves in the city’s highlights with visits to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St. Paul’s, Tower Bridge, and more.

•Explore Stoke Newington, the village-within-the-city – once home to the 18th century religious Dissenters and later would-be Victorian rebels.

•Go back in time to visit Jack the Ripper’s London – the once sordid and crime-ridden streets of Whitechapel and Wapping. Along the way you’ll meet one of London’s most respected “Ripperologists” – a spine-tingling experience.

•Get up close and personal with London’s Rock ‘n’ Roll history – The Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Clash, David Bowie…

Or use our driver-guides to get out of the city! There are countless day trips from London. Here are just a few of our favourites:

•Explore Jane Austen’s country: the picturesque Cotswolds
•See Roman ruins and Georgian architecture in Bath
•Get friendly with the ghost of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace
•Discover Queen Elizabeth’s favourite residence: Windsor Castle
•Take a tour of classic English Gardens in Oxfordshire
•Wonder at the mystery of Stonehenge
•Visit Canterbury Cathedral
•…And so much more!

Travellers can also take advantage of our driver-guides in the city itself. Three of our London guides are Black Cab drivers which means that in addition to having “The Knowledge” (you’ll have to ask them to explain what that means!) they can also drive you around in the special “cab only” lanes, avoiding the worst of London’s notoriously bad traffic.

Anyone who wants to really see London needs to do so in the company of one of our deeply knowledgeable, indisputably charming local guides.
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