London 2012: Let the Games Begin!

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The London 2012 Summer Olympics are about to begin! At the time of writing, the Opening Ceremony is a mere 90 minutes away. Will you be watching on TV? Even better, will you be watching in person?

Two and a half years ago many Vancouverites were sitting inside BC Place Stadium, waiting to witness the biggest spectacle our city would ever see. Millions upon millions of people around the world were also watching, and now that same rapt attention is focused on

But, as one of our British guides recently reminded us, we mustn't forget about the rest of England in all the noise about London this summer. This tiny nation is packed with culture, rich in history and natural beauty; its compact nature makes it possible to explore its many nooks and crannies in a short amount of time, and gives travelers no excuse not to leave the capital.

So if you're one of the thousands of visitors who has descended upon the city for these Olympic Games, make sure you cast your eye beyond the city limits!

Even if you plan to stay every night in London, England's extensive British Rail system makes thousands of day trips possible from London. Head to the beautiful historic towns of Cambridge, Oxford, or Bath, and for a dose of medieval village life, pay a visit to Rye.

Our charming, knowledgeable and engaging ToursByLocals guides can tailor a custom day-trip for you that shows you the England you'd like to see, whether you're looking for pastoral scenes, cosy village pubs or perhaps making a literary pilgrimage. They're looking forward to showing you around and sharing a pint with you during your time in England.
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