What's NOT to Love about Madrid?

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Have you seen the weather forecast for Madrid this week? Sunny and 19 degrees (Celsius): absolutely perfect weather for walking around a new city. Our local Madrileña guide Paloma wrote to us recently explaining the many reasons she’s in love with this Spanish city – everything from its contemporary art scene to a quiet Sunday stroll through a shady park. Here’s what she had to say:

The best thing about Madrid is that is such an “alive” city that you always have something different to do each day, and every moment of the day. It's the kind of city I love. I love culture, being in the centre of the most happenings, and I'm lucky because as a former journalist I nearly always know where the latest and the coolest places are.

Nearly every morning and/or afternoon I love to go to art exhibitions: painting, photographs or sculpture at both the well-known museums, such as Prado, Reina Sofia or Thyssen, but also in private institutions or galleries. Sometimes my own friends are the exhibitors and I'm lucky to share an opening wine with them.

In Madrid, you really don’t need a lot of money to enjoy the city, there is always free (and good at the same time!) concerts or exhibitions, even movies, as last summer when a well-known cinema decided to release the best and most popular movies for just 3 euros.

People who live and visit Madrid love how our bars and restaurants are full of style on the outside (housed in interesting architectural buildings or even former palaces) and with unique and beautiful interior decorations. I like go one night on the weekends to one of these places, where you can find the coolest music and people.

Madrid is such an international, multi-cultural town; in some areas I know and often visit, from Huertas to Salamanca district, I get the chance to feel like a tourist too, eager to weak up in the mornings for a walk around. As a Spanish language teacher, I have friends of many citizenships living in Madrid: Europeans and Americans mainly, but also from Asian countries like China or Malaysia... and we may share experiences and enjoy life together here.

On nice-weather weekends, it’s lovely to go out to the mountain villages for a more refreshing open air lunch, or to nearby places like Chinchon, or to the flea market in Rastro. Or to simply take a quiet walk to Retiro Park where you can join the locals reading the newspaper, surrounded by shady trees.

Just today began “Madrid Delightfull”, 10 days when for 30 euros you may eat a menu at the best places that usually cost double... I'm leaving now, no more time!

Clearly, Paloma knows how to have a good time in her hometown! If you’re headed to Madrid this fall, consider getting in touch with Paloma and have a local show you the ins and outs of this world-class city.
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