Our 12 Newest Virtual Tours!

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While we all sit tight and wait for the world to become a safer place to travel, our guides are busy finding fun ways for you to continue to learn, connect and explore…virtually!

From home, you can now meet a number of our local guides from all over the world on your own Live Virtual Tour. During your tour, you’ll spend an hour or two talking to your new friend and learning about their city’s culture, landscape, food, art and history. Via your laptop or tablet, you can do everything from learning to cook a Spanish meal from a kitchen in Barcelona, to exploring the magical landscape of Country Kerry, Ireland.

These are NOT pre-recorded experiences: it's you and your guide, live and one-on-one.

You can invite your friends and family to join you on this virtual journey! Just book the tour and send the link to any friends or family you'd like along for the ride.

We now have around 50 Live Virtual Tours ready for you to try, and more are coming online every day! Here’s part two of a sampling of some of the adventures that are waiting for you... (To check out part one, click here!

A Dozen Amazing Virtual Adventures

Explore the exquisite Abbey at Mont St Michel, France

With your guide Igor, immerse yourself in the history of beautiful Mont St Michel with its angels, pilgrims and clergymen. Walking the small cobblestone street, you will understand why this place is often called "Jerusalem in the sky."

See what’s waiting for you in Lisbon!

Explore Baixa and Belem – a couple of of Lisbon’s beautiful neighbourhoods - while getting a taste for this magical city, with your guide Marta.

Tour the Louvre with your kids!

As our Parisian guide Sara explains: “This is a unique opportunity to discover the most famous Louvre's masterpieces and hidden gems directly from your home.” Designed especially for families to take part together, this is a great chance to share a learning experience with your kids!

Tour the delights of Dingle, Ireland.

Laugh at the name if you will, but few places are as enchanting as Dingle, in Ireland’s County Kerry. You’ll be bewitched by the stories and landscapes, with your guide Deirdre.

Tour the streets and monuments of Washington DC

Learn why Pennsylvania Avenue is tree lined, why the Federal Triangle was once called "Murder Bay", and why in the late 1800's it would have been impossible for the Lincoln Memorial to exist. There’s no question about DC that your guide Edward can’t answer.

Learn to make the perfect Caipirinha in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

If you don’t know what a Caipirinha is, now is the perfect time to find out! You’ll learn about the incredible story behind the iconic drink that includes the history of Sao Paulo, the Spanish flu pandemic, cannibalism, an ancient indigenous language, modern arts and coffee!

See the magnificent Duomo in Florence, Italy

Visit this truly iconic piece of Italian architecture without the crowds, and with a guide who delights in sharing it with visitors.

Learn to make Russian pancakes!

What do Russians eat for breakfast? “Syrniki" cottage cheese pancakes. And just to make this cooking lesson a bit more special and traditional, your guide Anna will cook at her Dacha - the typical Russian countryside house.

Join Stefka on a bike ride through her Dutch town

There’s nothing more Dutch than a bike ride, and now you can join your guide Stefka as she cycles through her village, and the Dutch countryside around it, telling you about Dutch history and culture as she goes.

Unearth the splendours of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia

Split is one of the most unique cities in the world because its heart lies within a 1700-year-old Roman palace. Experience a virtual stroll through this beautiful Croatian city with local guide Kristina!

Learn to cook a Spanish meal with Yves

Yves will provide you with options for a traditional Spanish meal, along with an ingredient list. As a virtual live guide, he will be cooking with you while instructing and coaching you during the cooking process to make sure the meal will just taste amazing!

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