Introducing: ToursByLocals Live Virtual Tours!

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While we all sit tight and wait for the world to become a safer place to travel, our guides are busy finding fun ways for you to continue to learn, connect and explore…virtually!

From home, you can now meet a number of our local guides from all over the world on your own Live Virtual Tour. During your tour, you’ll spend an hour or two talking to your new friend and learning about their city’s culture, landscape, food, art and history. Via your laptop or tablet, you can do everything from learning to cook an Italian meal from a kitchen in Ravenna, to understanding the history of Salvador, Brazil through the lens of AfroSambas music. These are NOT pre-recorded experiences: it's you and your guide, live and one-on-one.

You can invite your friends and family to join you on this virtual journey! Just book the tour and send the link to any friends or family you'd like along for the ride.

We now have around 20 Live Virtual Tours ready for you to try, and more are coming online every day! Here’s a sampling of some of the adventures that are waiting for you...

Ten Amazing Virtual Adventures

Drive Through the Streets of New York City

See the sights of Midtown Manhattan with your guide, Ibrahima! Get historical facts, information about the city’s current situation, and what to look forward to in future visits. Be a virtual passenger in Ibrahima’s car as you drive by Times Square, Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue, the Fashion District, the Empire State Building, and more.

Cook Peruvian meals with a family in Lima, Peru

Danmar and Aaron open the doors of their house and kitchen so that you can enjoy an evening of typical Peruvian cuisine. You’ll learn about the origins of the ingredients Danmar will use, then watch while they cook a traditional recipe from Peru. You’ll also learn how to mix a perfect Pisco Sour, Aaron’s speciality!

Take a Moscow Space Odyssey

Join a mission to the dawn of the Space Age from your living room! Our Russian guide Anna will share with you her passion and knowledge about the origins of the USSR Space program, how Gagarin became the first man in Space, legendary spaceships and spacesuits, and how Russian space bio-printing technology means cosmonauts will soon receive 3D-printed body parts. Lots to learn!

Take a Virtual walk through Budapest

Take a live virtual walk with your guide Julia in Budapest to see the city’s beautiful main attractions. You’ll accompany her as she strolls past Heroes’ Square, St. Stephen's Basilica and Parliament, the Jewish Quarter, Gellert Hill and more!

Follow in Picasso’s Footsteps

Learn more about the life and work of Pablo Picasso with Maica, an art history expert from Barcelona! Discover the Fine Arts School he attended and the café where he had his first exhibition. Be amazed by some of his work in the street that everybody sees but not all knows is by him. You’ll leave the tour full of admiration for this incredible 20th century artist.

Make Gnocci with your personal Italian chef!

During this Live Virtual Cooking Class, your guide Silvia will lead you step by step in the creation of a perfect dish of Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, from her kitchen in Ravenna. She provides you with a list of ingredients ahead of time, and will have you cooking this classic Italian dish like a pro in under an hour.

Immerse Yourself in the History and Soul of Bahia, Brazil

This virtual tour is a great opportunity to be introduced to Brazilian history and music, with a focus on afro-heritage. Have you heard the AfroSambas of Vinicius de Moraes? Or Samba de Roda? Maybe Rumpilezz, with its fusion of jazz and "atabaques" (African drums)? You’ll be inspired to visit lively Bahia after an hour with Sayuri!

Enjoy a Virtual Walk into Alaska’s Pioneer History

In Ketchikan, a sweeping view reveals ocean, mountains, deep forests, totem poles, and colorful old wooden bawdy houses built on pylons into a beautiful creek. Sometimes seals swim right up the Creek to chase the salmon, eagles swoop down on them, and if we are really lucky, we catch a glimpse of a bear. All this is waiting for you on your virtual walking tour with local guide Cruin.

Tour the Roman Colosseum!

Starting with the Colosseum, your Roman guide Monica will share with you centuries of ancient Roman history. After seeing where the gladiators fought, you’ll walk by the Arch of Constantine and go to the Roman Forum where the ancient Romans led their political, commercial, religious and judicial life. Your tour ends at the Palatine, one of the most important of the Seven Hills of Rome.

See the Glories of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Your Croatian guide Michael will take you on a stroll through Old town Dubrovnik via a Live WebCam, exploring the beautiful streets at a leisurely pace, as you journey through 1400 years of history. Learn about the city from its foundations to the glory days of the Dubrovnik Republic. Game of Thrones fan? Michael can show you film locations too!
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