Back to School, Back to Work

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While summer in the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t officially end until September 23rd, for most people Labour Day and the first day of school spells the end of those golden summer days. Perhaps it’s because summer is about more than just the weather; it’s about assuming an attitude of relaxation, an emotional state of mind that privileges play over work. And that all gets turned on its head tomorrow!

Here in Vancouver, we’re enjoying one of the hottest spells of weather we’ve had all summer – just in time for the kids' return to school. Sunny and 28 degrees, but now classrooms are calling and the beach will have to wait.

For anyone lucky enough to have travel plans in Europe or North America that extend into September, you’re usually blessed with continuing dry, sunny days and fewer crowds than July or August. Hotel accommodation is easier to come by, and our guides have a bit more room in their schedules for last minute tours.

So as the summer season winds down, we wish a happy Labour Day to all! We hope your summers have been adventurous, restful, playful and rejuvenating. And if you’re mourning the end of the long, sunny days, we always find the best consolation is getting started on planning the next trip.
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