St. Patrick's Day: Celebrate and Tour Southwest Ireland in Style

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We’re only a week away from one of the biggest parties of the year: St. Patrick’s Day! Can you imagine being a part of the revelry in Ireland? Our Killarney guide Gerard joins us today to tell us a bit more about the holiday (it’s not all green beer and shamrocks!)

You don’t need to be Irish to have heard of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. His holiday is celebrated in parades and pubs anywhere in the world there’s an Irish community! ToursByLocals is now offering a wonderful opportunity to travel to Ireland to celebrate the life of St. Patrick with the people of Killarney and the Southwest of Ireland.

St. Patrick was born way back in the year 389AD. He was captured as a boy and spent six years as a slave tending sheep on a lonely hillside in Ireland. He eventually escaped slavery and traveled to Europe, where he became a priest. But Ireland was always on his mind and those hills were never far away. The Pope selected Patrick to travel to Ireland around the year 432. Patrick traveled to Ireland and spent the next sixty years spreading the word of God all over the island. He lived until the year 492 and was over one hundred years old when he died.

Legend has it that St Patrick chased away all the snakes from Ireland and did clever things with a Shamrock to teach people about the holy trinity. It was St. Patrick that gave us the right to drink Guinness black or green on the anniversary of his death on the 17th of March. St. Patrick was the most important person in Ireland in the 5th Century and without him, Ireland would not be the country that it is today.

The town of Killarney is nestled in the Southwest of Ireland. Killarney is the lake district of Ireland and has the largest National Park in the country. St. Mary's Cathedral, considered the finest church in Ireland, has a collection of stained glass windows honouring the Life of St. Patrick. Killarney celebrates St. Patrick's Day with an afternoon parade in honour of the Patron Saint of Ireland. It’s a massive party and the town comes alive with celebration. The music can be heard from every public house (bar). "Hail glorious St. Patrick, dear saint of our isle…”

My name is Patrick Gerard – No, I am not a saint! I am a ToursByLocals tour guide here in Ireland and the only man in Ireland that does not drink on St. Patrick's Day. I am also your chauffeur with whom you can travel and explore the Southwest of Ireland during your holiday. Your private tour will take you from The Cliffs of Moher to Kissing the Blarney Stone. You will travel a great deal of the Wild Atlantic Way, which includes the Ring of Kerry, Dingle and Slea Head. The views over the Atlantic Ocean are breathtaking and if we get a clear day you will swear you can almost see Boston and New York. With me, you can tour the Killarney National Park by jaunting car and visit Muckross House and Gardens. During your stay you will meet the Irish who live here, sing songs and listen to great local music.

Celebrate the Life of St. Patrick and Tour South West Ireland! Come along and enjoy your private tour with me as your local chauffeur and guide.

To book a tour with Gerard on St. Patrick’s Day (or any other day in 2015!) you can visit his ToursByLocals guide page.
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