Guide Books for Young Travelers

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A terrific book recently fell into my hands; a copy of KidsGo! London. In my years of travel, I've experienced the delight of cracking open a fresh guidebook many times. I remember the first one I ever purchased, Lonely Planet's Nepal Guide, and how I savoured it for weeks leading up to my trip.

So naturally, I love the idea of a guidebook designed to help young travelers feel that same anticipation and excitement about an upcoming trip. This is not a "how-to" guide for parents traveling with small children, it's a book for older kids to claim as their own. Armed with information about appealing museums, shopping areas, historical sights, family walks, playgrounds and kid-friendly attractions, KidsGo! encourages kids and young teens to be active participants in trip-planning. Anything that nurtures the travel bug in children is a good thing, in my books!

The slim volume presents just enough information to engage young travelers in decision-making without overwhelming them with choices. (And there are links to attraction websites for those wanting to learn more.) The illustrated maps are easy to read and give young minds a good understanding of the city's layout.

I picked up the London guide because I'm hoping to take my two kids to the British capital to visit their Auntie sometime in the next couple years and want the kids to be a part of the trip-planning. But there are similar KidsGo! guides for Hong Kong, New York, Phuket, Bali and Sydney.

If you've got children and are planning to take a private tour in one of these destinations, I suggest picking up a copy of KidsGo! and then encourage your child to help design an itinerary along with you and your guide. It's a great way to pull everyone into the excitement of an upcoming trip.
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