French Journalist Meets Guides in Victoria and Vancouver

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This fall, two of our guides in Western Canada had the chance to host a special traveler on private tours of their cities. Jennifer in Vancouver and Elizabeth in Victoria each enjoyed a day with French journalist "NowMadNow" (a pen name).
"NMN" has been traveling around the world for over 3 years, writing regularly for French travel magazine Reparages Voyage. This summer she was invited by the Canadian Travel Commission to visit Canada, meeting some of our country's travel industry partners as a part of her journey. She is researching for the March 2014 issue of the magazine, which will be entirely dedicated to Canada.

Most travel journalists spend a few days or perhaps a week at a destination. NMN is traveling slowly and spending many months here. In that time, she has seen more of our country than most Canadians will see of it in a lifetime. From the beaches of Prince Edward Island to the polar bears in Northern Manitoba and wild West Coast of BC, she has had wonderful adventures.

A large part of NMN's travel philosophy is to go beyond sightseeing and to spend time really understanding the cultural quirks that contribute to a place's sense of identity. ToursByLocals was perfect for her. Over coffee today, she shared glowing reviews of her guides Elizabeth and Jennifer, who understood her desire to see the quieter, special places that make their cities unique. And as a bonus, both guides speak fluent French!

Thanks to our wonderful guides who - as always - impress us with their insightful, responsive and well-researched tours. And also for their eagerness to extend friendship to travelers. At the end of the day, NowMadNow left with two new Canadian friends as well as a wealth of knowledge about Vancouver and Victoria.
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