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Jewish history spans all parts of the globe, and many of our travelers are curious to uncover the past and present-day Jewish experience in the places they visit. ToursByLocals guides around the world offer tours that explore Jewish heritage in their cities and towns; these guides are often Jewish themselves, or sometimes curious scholars of the history of Judaism in the places they live.

Below are just a few of the places you can find our guides offering Jewish Heritage tours – from The Rocks in Sydney, Australia to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. We’ve included a few words from the guides to explain the nature of each tour.

Popular Jewish Heritage Tours on ToursByLocals

Jewish Heritage in Amsterdam
“In the Jewish Quarter I'd like to tell you about the history of my own family, who arrived here as refugees beginning of the 17th century and I will tell about their experiences in WWII.”

Jewish Heritage in Moscow
“By the end of XIX century Russia was a home to the largest Jewish community in the world. Today's Jewish population of Moscow unites hundreds of thousands of lives in intensive cultural, religious and business life. Would you like to know what their life is about?”

Jewish Heritage in Berlin, Germany
“The tour will tell the amazing story of the Jews in Germany and the Nazi attempt to eradicate them from Europe! From isolated ghettos and communities, the Jews in Berlin climbed to an influential social position in the economy, science, culture and the new emerging democratic politics of Germany until the Nazis took power.”

Jewish Heritage in Sydney, Australia
“Being Jewish myself and emigrating from South Africa, I was fascinated by the Jewish history of Sydney and although it is relatively young, it is fascinating.
We begin in the historic Rocks area, home to the first Jewish settlers, where many of them began trading.”

Jewish Heritage in Jerusalem
“Join me for an authentic experience to discover your roots and how special they are. As licensed tour guide, historian and lecturer on Bible History I question and share the complexity of the past and present of this tiny piece of land who was conquered, destroyed and rebuild so many times.”

Jewish Heritage in Cochin, India
“The oldest Jewish community in India is in Cochin, a group of people once known as the ‘Malabar Jews’, who moved to Cochin and built synagogues in the 14thth century. Come learn about their history and heritage with me.”

Jewish Heritage in Marrakech, Morocco
“Discover The Jewish quarter known as ‘The Mellah’, a piece of Marrakech offered by the Sultan to Jews fleeing the Spanish Civil War in 1558. See here hidden treasures of daily life from this golden time of Jewish life in Marrakech.”

Jewish Heritage in Prague
“Come and enjoy a day like no other in Prague, and experience traditional Czech and Jewish cuisine. See how Grandmothers for years would prepare meals for their families just as they did in the shtetl Jewish market town.”

Jewish Heritage in Rio de Janeiro
“With me, you will learn how our Jewish community helped build the country since Brazil was a colony, and hear about the arrival of hundreds of young Jews in our main ports looking for a new start. There is the possibility to visit an active synagogue for a service, if you would like.”

Jewish Heritage in Paris
“Together we will follow their steps from Medieval Age to the dramatic events that marked the first half of the 20th century, when the Marais, a bustiing and lively neighbourhood full of little shops, restaurants and schools, became silent after the II WW roundups.”

If you’re looking for a tour in a place not mentioned here, just ask us! Or from our homepage, look up the city you’re interested in – for instance, Warsaw – and then use our keyword search to look up tours with a Jewish focus.
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