Announcing: Instant Bookings!

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If you’ve been using ToursByLocals for a while, you know that we always recommend booking your tour well in advance. With a finite amount of guides, booking ahead ensures you’ll find the tour you want on the day you want.

But we also recognize that there are times when booking ahead just isn’t possible or desirable. Some travelers prefer more flexibility with their plans, tending to book their tours just a day or two ahead, while they’re already in-destination.

So, for those last-minute bookers, we’ve created a new tour product! We call it “Instant Bookings.”

Now, when you search for a tour date that’s less than a week away, your search results will include “Instant Booking” options for 20 of our most popular cities: Paris, London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Tokyo, Kyoto, Lisbon, Dublin, Berlin, Athens, New York, Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples, Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague and St Petersburg.

We’ve worked with our guides to compile the best “highlights” itineraries for each of these cities, so you can book your private tour quickly, knowing you won’t be missing out on anything essential! You’ll see 3 or 4 Instant Booking tour options available in each place, typically half or full day, and either walking or driving. Once you’ve booked the tour, we assign one of our guides to lead it, and we’ll email you their contact information shortly after. It’s designed to be a quick and easy last minute tour-booking process.

An Instant Booking can be made right up until 9pm (local time) the day before the tour.

So if the date of your trip is quickly approaching, and you haven’t yet booked a local guide, give Instant Bookings a try! We’re hoping to deliver even more happy travels to all those last minute planners out there.
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