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Who doesn’t love animals? From the feel-good panda volunteer experience of Dujiangyan, China, to the heart-racing shark diving excursion in South Africa, we’ve compiled ten of our best private animal tours from around the world. Which of these wildlife experiences is on your bucket list?

Wildlife Photo Safari, Alaska

Known as Alaska’s best place to view wildlife, Anchorage is home to many species including moose, bald eagles, horned sheep, salmon, black bears and beluga whales. Join our guide Steve B on this special photo tour, and If you’re lucky (and brave), you may even spot grizzly bears, beavers or river otters.

Panda Base Volunteering, China

Embark on a volunteer-mission and get up close and personal with pandas! Dujiangyan Panda Base is an organization that specializes in panda rescue and disease prevention. Spend the day at the centre where you will help clean the enclosures, and have your chance to feed, hold and hang with these adorable creatures.

Penguin Excursion, Argentina

If you find yourself in the Puerto Madryn region of Argentina during the months of September to October, why not visit Punta Tombo, home to the Magellanic Penguins. These little tuxedo suited guys arrive mid-September during mating season. The females follow a few weeks after, but we’ll leave the juicy details to our Penguin Colony tour guide Carina S!

Monarch Butterfly Migration, Mexico

Venture 3 hours outside of Mexico City to Michoacán and you’ll stumble upon the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve - the only place on the entire planet to witness millions of migrating monarch butterflies. After a long journey to Canada and the United States that spans about 3,000 miles, the species return every winter to the Reserve to congregate and cluster onto the pine and ovamel trees. During this time, the trees sometimes appear orange and the branches even sag due to the weight. Contact Carlos or any of our Mexico City guides about this fascinating expedition.

African Safari Adventure, Kenya

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! (Well...replace the tigers' stripes with a cheetah's spots.) Join guide Dunstan for a five-day safari, where you’ll see lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos from the comfort of your private vehicle with a highly experienced guide. Rest up each night in your included accommodation to ensure you’re ready for the next day’s adventure. Other African wildlife you may encounter during this immersive tour include birds, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes and zebras! Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lemur Expedition, Madagascar

Did you know there are around 60 species of lemurs? The Lokobe Reserve on Nosy Be (or Big Island), in Madagascar is your prime opportunity to view these remarkable animals in their natural habitat. Join guide Ravo who’s a seasoned expert in navigating the area to catch the best glimpses of lemurs and other wildlife including frogs, snakes and chameleons. For the best experience possible, you will travel by car, canoe and foot during this half or full-day tour.

Trekking with Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda

Fewer wildlife experiences are as evocative as that "gorillas in the mist" moment. Join your local guide Theogene for a once in a lifetime trek through Volcanoes National Park, in the northwest corner of Rwanda. Here the verdant rainforest spills down mountain sides, and provides food and shelter for families of rare mountain gorillas.

Shark Cage Diving, South Africa

Calling all adrenaline junkies. This full day tour out of Cape Town will have you up close and personal with THE Great White Shark! You’ll be in safe hands though as Marine Dynamics, an awarded Ecotourism and Conservation organization, debriefs you and makes sure you’re ready to get nice and cozy with these astounding water animals. Daniel D knows the way so be sure to get in contact with him during your Cape Town visit.

Koala and Wine Experience, Australia

If Koalas, wine, cheese and chocolate don't entice you, I don’t know what will! Join Lyndal for a day in the Australian countryside where you’ll cuddle a koala, feed a 'roo and stop at 2-3 of Australia’s oldest family vineyards. Enjoy a guided cheese tasting and top the day off at a fudge factory! Sign me up.

Bird Watching, New Zealand

For bird enthusiasts, discover the native birds of New Zealand with guide Doug during this North Island bird-watching tour. He’ll take you to estuaries, ocean beaches, forests and wetlands, with special emphasis and knowledge on bird habitat protection of the areas. Of course you'll see the iconic Kiwi...and find out why it thinks it's a mammal!

Looking for a specific animal tour we didn't mention here? Contact our Customer Support team with your request. They'll be glad to help you locate a furry, feathered, or finned friend!
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