Short on time? How to make the most of a single day in any city!

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Having only one day in any city can be stressful. You often leave thinking: “Did I get to see everything I wanted to see? What did I miss? And could I have used my time more efficiently?”

Here are some helpful tips that we at ToursByLocals think will help you get the most out of a single day in any city:

1. Be Organized

Organization is key in getting the best out of one day in any city. It’s important to know what attractions you want to see and understand what genuinely interests you. Don’t go to the Louvre because you feel you “have to” if you’d really rather be strolling along the Seine! You also need to decide whether you would like to enter all of the attractions and museums or whether there are some you can miss, or just see from the outside. If your priority is an in-depth look at one or two museums, then make that your day. But if there are multiple sights you want to see, you’ll need to limit the length of time you spend in any one location, and realize you may just have to go back for a longer visit at a later date!

If you don’t have time to organize the logistics around your one-day visit, a ToursByLocals guide can certainly help you. They can organize the entire day around what you would like to see and even suggest some other attractions based on your interests. Learn more about how ToursByLocals works.

2. Know How To Cut Corners

Knowing how to cut corners is essential to fitting in as much as you can in a single day in any city. There are several things you can do to ensure no time is wasted and that you get to experience the very best of the city you are visiting!

•The first thing you can do is ask friends or family that have visited the area for any suggestions they may have. This includes what NOT to see. These personal recommendations can help you cut through all the noise online and reduce the amount of time you would otherwise spend researching the area. Asking a local guide to make suggestions or show you around is also a great idea.

•Accept that there’s no way you’re going to see EVERYTHING, no matter how well you plan – so make some tough decisions, cross off the lower priority places, and remember there can always be another time.

•Plan your sightseeing route carefully so you don’t end up wasting time in traffic, criss-crossing the city more than you need to.

•If you’re feeling more spontaneous, try taking a short walk around the area once you arrive and pick the places that you would like to go back and spend time at. If you’re a runner, there’s no better way to squeeze in some exercise and fast-paced sightseeing than with a scenic running route!

•If you would like to eat in a nice restaurant, do so in the evening once all your sightseeing is completed and the attractions are closed. Try picking up some casual food throughout the day at street stalls, bakeries or markets to save time and to experience authentic local snacks.

3. Get A Local Tour Guide!

Of course the obvious solution we’re going to suggest is to hire a local tour guide! These knowledgeable folks are absolute masters at helping you maximize your time in any city, especially if you only have one day. ToursByLocals partners with local guides that will customize tours to visit the locations that you want to see.
They know the best times to visit certain attractions to avoid long lines – often you can even skip the lines with a private guide! Having a local show you around means you can also get a more authentic experience of the place you are visiting, hearing stories and seeing places you otherwise would have missed. Guides at ToursByLocals can provide full-day tours, half-day tours and even airport layovers – the ultimate best use of what could have been wasted travel time!

The most important thing to remember when you’ve got just one day? Enjoy it. Don’t let the lack of time get you down; savour the experience of a new city for a day, and if you love it, you can always go back for more.
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