Spotlight on the Unusual: Flying Hot Tub Tours!

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We're always encouraging our guides to create fresh new tour experiences - to come up with new and fun ways to explore their cities and landscapes as they change and grow.

We have around 15,000 tour options on, and this morning we came across a tour that challenges every other one on our site for its sheer uniqueness...we'd go so far as to say "zaniness".

Picture floating several thousand feet above the ground, weightless in a hot air balloon. The desert landscape of Arizona's Sonoran Desert glides below you. You raise a flute of champagne to the sun as it rises above the horizon, and all the're soaking in a hot tub.

That's right - it's a hot tub/hot air balloon ride! If it was April 1st, we'd be sure this was an April Fool's joke, but this unique experience is a legitimate option if you're visiting sunny Tucson, Arizona! Our guide Ron is more than a certified member of the Arizona Guides Association - he's also a commercial pilot, and will confidently pilot your hot air balloon on the sunrise tour of a lifetime.

Curious? (We were!) Ron explains the tour in detail here: Hot Tub Balloon Ride.
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