Visiting Tegucigalpa, Honduras with a Local Guide

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Are you keen to discover someplace not everyone else is visiting yet? Someplace with blue waters on two coasts, verdant jungle, thriving city life…and really good coffee? You may want to consider Honduras. Our guide Luis joins us today to talk a bit about his favorite spots in what the locals call Téguz, Honduras’ capital city, a place ripe for urban exploring.

Tegucigalpa is a city of contrast between modern and old, between nature and concrete buildings. For me, leading a tour is like giving you a ride to the past of the city of I grew up in as a child; seeing the old streets and the landmarks feels like re-living that past with new eyes.

Do you have a favourite neighbourhood?
Walking at Barrio Abajo, one of the oldest parts of town (it remains part of the historic district) we’ll still find places that bake white bread and sell it with refried beans, and if you are lucky, avocado. We can take a short walk in time and space, and visit the old churches, such as Los Dolores, which are like art galleries.

Is there a great spot you’d recommend for the perfect photo in Tegucigalpa?
One of the best spots for a photo is the panoramic view from the mount El Picacho where the United Nations park is located. This is mainly visited by locals, and even a statue of Christ stands here; it really will provide a view from the top.

Where should people go to feel a part of the local scene?
In the day time, Tegucigalpa's trendy places are the coffee shops. My favorite is Cafe Galeano, a very hipster (and very instagram-able!) spot. Most of the clientele are diplomats and from embassies or nearby offices, plus they have a clothes store of very authentic designer t-shirts.

Anywhere you’d recommend for a romantic evening?
Another of my favourite places is Tres Puntos Coffee Shop, just in case you want to run the risk of falling in love again, sharing drinks together, and watching the sunset over Santa Lucia. Here you can travel back through time or just enjoy the same moment and feel in love.

Luis leads tours around the city of Téguz, and also to the coast, jungle, mountains and small towns of Honduras. If you plan to travel here in 2017 or beyond, consider getting in touch with Luis to design the perfect day of exploring.
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