Tired Feet, Happy Heart: Life as a Busy Guide in Paris

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What's it like to be a popular guide during high season in one of the most visited cities in the world? We asked our Parisian guide Pamela, who's just starting to wind down after a summer of meeting and touring with hundreds of overseas visitors.

1. When does the busy season in Paris begin and end?
I would say that May is definitely the first and strongest month of the season. Nevertheless in April one can get quite busy too. The end of the season is the end of October/beginning November.

2. Approximately how many private tours have you delivered since it started?
I've led just over 100 private tours this season.

3. Is there one thing that most of your guests come to Paris hoping to see/do?
The first timers want to see the highlights: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame and some of the most popular neighborhoods. But first timers or not they all come to feel the Parisian atmosphere and get to experience a bit of the "real" Parisian life.

4. Which of your tours is the most popular?
My "Old Charming Paris" itinerary is one of the most popular. It considers discovering some of the places behind the beaten path, histories of the Revolution, the origins of Paris and the details behind some of the two oldest Parisian highlights: the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Montmartre is also one of the most popular places people want to see, and no wonder why! It is an extremely charming neighborhood which hides so many anecdotes, miracles, historical facts, etc... adults and kids enjoy seeing the artists painting at the square as well as the beauty of the Sacre Coeur basilica and the view over Paris.

5. Is there any one thing your guests really enjoy seeing or doing on your tours?
They enjoy very much when discovering old traces and symbols hidden in the greatest monuments. They also enjoy very much to make a foodies break at a local bakery, pastry shop or cheese shop. Some also value a lot to learn the basic words they will need to probably use mostly during their stay.

6. How do you feel (physically, mentally) now that things are slowing down?
My feet feel a bit tired after all that walking, sure, but I feel extremely fulfilled when reading my customers' reviews and seeing that I've been able to be part of their wonderful vacation experience, maybe helped them to see Paris and the Parisians from a new angle. Also I've noticed how much I've learned thanks to the curiosity and the interesting questions people have ask me during my tours and how experience makes me everyday a better guide.

7. What will you do in the quiet season?
I'll take my well deserved vacations and I'll take advantage of my time off to create new original itineraries for all the travelers that decide to return and are eager to discover Paris in depth or maybe in a new fun way. I am planning to create games/tours that will be much more fun for families with kids!
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