Heidelberg: Contender for Germany's Most Beautiful City

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Heidelberg is one of Germany’s most romantic cities; ask anyone who’s visited and they’ll likely rhapsodize about the charming Altstadt, the Renaissance castle looming over the city, and the delightful landscapes beckoning around every corner.

Our local guide Henry joins us today to share his thoughts on how best to enjoy the many charms of his beautiful city.

I like to tell my friends that, "Heidelberg is the most beautiful city in Germany". Whether that's actually true is of course highly subjective but here we certainly have an abundance of attractions and delights to win over any visitor.

I became a guide three years ago when I thought what a pleasure it would be to stroll around Heidelberg's charming old streets regaling people with stories and anecdotes that bring sites and landmarks to life. What a pleasure to live in a city that is so attractive and tasteful; surrounded by rolling green hills, gently dissected by the meandering River Neckar, enlivened by a bustling pedestrianized main-street, given a cosmopolitan feel by the 30,000 students of the prestigious university. It’s a joy to relax in one of the charming squares, enjoying one of the excellent independent cafes, all set in a backdrop of historical buildings and an ambience refined over centuries.

Heidelberg has truly the perfect blend between the allure and style of 'tradition' combined with a careful embracing of exciting and worldly 21st century living.

Every visitor should make the short walk up to the famous Castle ruin and enjoy the breathtaking view of the 'Old Town' from its extensive balcony. Once there how about a photo in front of the largest wine barrel in the world located in the Castle cellar? Don't forget to see the impressive and expansive Castle Garden, formerly referred to as the "8th Wonder of the World".

Visitors should also take advantage of how bicycle friendly Heidelberg is and cruise around on two wheels to gain more favorable impressions of the city. If you are feeling adventurous, ride out into the countryside (also on excellent, safe cycle paths) and sample some of the delightful local countryside and peaceful nature.

Spring and summer visitors can enjoy a seasonal culinary wonder - the legendary local asparagus. Simply delicious! (You probably don’t know that the area is heralded as the asparagus capital of Europe). Why not take a seat in the sun in one of the many outdoor eating places and discover some of the other excellent local cuisine? Perhaps washed down with an internationally renowned local Riesling?

After lunch, have a gentle stroll along the famous Philosphenweg, the walking path where well-known philosophers drew inspiration, and enjoy the superb view of the town from the other side of the river. Or maybe a gentle cruise up-river on a tasteful tour boat to get reacquainted with real 'romance in the city'.

However you choose to spend your time, I'm sure you'll agree that Heidelberg has an inviting mix of style, sophistication and sweetness and, maybe it just is “the most beautiful city in Germany.”

Thanks Henry! Anyone headed to Heidelberg should consider spending time with Henry and watching this historical city come to life with his many stories and anecdotes. You can get in touch with him through his ToursByLocals guide profile page, here: Henry’s tour page.
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