Get to Know our Guides via Video

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Something we feel sets ToursByLocals apart from other private tour companies is our focus on our guides - the unique people behind the tours. Travelers are encouraged to read about and communicate with the different guides on our site and find the person who best fits their personality and traveling style. Travelers don't just book a tour - they choose the person they'd like to spend their time with.

All of our guides have uploaded photos of themselves onto their profile pages, along with descriptions of their experience, credentials, passions and areas of expertise. And some of them have also included a short video to help introduce themselves to potential guests. We think videos are a great tool to help travelers select the guide that's right for them and this spring we're running a contest to encourage more guides on our site to upload videos.

We've put together basic tips and suggestions for our guides to ensure the quality of the videos travelers see will be a genuine help in making a booking decision. We're even having some fun in the office making our own little movie to share with guides. While currently only about 10% of guides have videos as a part of their profile, we're planning to significantly increase that number by the end of spring.

In the meantime - have you "met" Ruben in Vicenza and
Orsolya in Budapest? These two are great examples of ToursByLocals guides who are using videos to introduce themselves and their tours to potential travelers.
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