Guide Video Contest Results Coming Soon

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Back in May we launched our first ever Guide Video Contest. We wanted to see more of our guides promote themselves by taking advantage of the video uploader tool on our website. A picture of your guide is great, but we figured that a video is an even better way to feel you've begun to "meet" the person you're going to spend time with on your travels.

The contest is now closed and we'd like to thank the many guides who took the time to become amateur movie stars, directors, camera men and sound editors by producing videos for their profiles. For those who were comfortable with the technology this was a breeze, but for our many guides who were unfamiliar with video tools this was a real challenge. Thank you for persevering!

We have singing guides, cycling guides, guides on beaches, guides at home and guides showing off their city's famous landmarks. The videos are not intended to be a slick marketing package, but an honest introduction to your guide - who they are, where they live and why they love what they do.

Stay tuned! We'll be sharing the winner and some of our other favourites next week.
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