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Have you ever imagined visiting Poland? If you do, a trip to the historic waterfront city of Gdansk is a must. Today Malgorzata (or Maggie!), a local guide in Gdansk, tells us a bit about why she got into the profession, and what she recommends you see, do and eat during your time in her lovely city.

Why I became a guide

One day, years ago, I read an announcement in a local newspaper inviting interested people to take a course in guiding to Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.
I read it twice, and thought:
 Why not?

I was born in Gdańsk, I still live and work here, I was eyewitness to many important occurrences, I take an interest in people, their work and life...
Why not try becoming a guide?
 I supposed that I knew my city very well.

How I was astonished listening to lecturers and watching the familiar objects take on new meaning during the 9 month-long course.
 I was very happy to decide to go deeply into the history of my town and region and to share later my experience with visiting tourists.

My Tips for visiting Gdansk

Sometimes I am asked what is my favourite thing in Gdańsk. 
It is not easy to answer the question. I like the streets in the Medieval part of the city.
 I like the places connected with the Solidarity movement.
I like the atmosphere of the neighboring charming town of Sopot, the fishing villages on Hel Peninsula and the traditional Kashubian folklore.

I always try to encourage travellers to walk with me to see all the famous, beautiful places and surroundings.
I encourage tourists to visit St. Mary’s Church, the biggest church in the world made of bricks, and
to walk alongside the old harbour to see Old Crane.
It’s a good idea to take a boat to Hel Peninsula or to make shorter boat tour to Westerplatte or Sopot.
I recommend also to give a pleasure to ears (and eyes) by listening to the 18th century organ music in Oliwa Cathedral, a former Cistersian Monastery Church.

In all these places tourists can take amazing photos which will be the envy of their friends!
For those who like climbing, I suggest taking photos either from St. Mary’s or the Main Town Hall towers, or from the roof of the European Solidarity Centre building.

And to all of those who enjoy eating the local cuisine of the places they visit, I recommend dishes made of local fishes like flounder, cod, eel, herring, sprat, pike, zander, and plaice. Also try our famous dumplings, stewed cabbage with meat, kiełbasa, bigos, and our sour and beetroot soups. 
For those with a truly curious spirit, try Gold Wasser liqueur.
Depending on where we are exploring, I can recommend the best local places to eat, drink and be merry.

If you’d like to talk to Maggie about more of her ideas for getting the most out of your time in Gdansk, you can contact her here to begin planning your trip: Maggie in Gdansk.
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