Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles: Insider Tips for Your Visit

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You often hear that a destination has “something for everyone.” In the case of Los Angeles – a great big, sprawling cultural mishmash of a city – there are so many ways to explore it, that you and all your friends could go and have completely different trips, depending on your interests.

We asked our guides to share a few of their favourite uniquely Los Angeles experiences, to give you a sense of the fun you can have, whether you're a foodie, beach-lover, movie-buff, fashionista, car aficionado...

Fun Things to See, Do, and Eat in Los Angeles

Try the secret menus at LA’s most famous burger joint
If you are looking for a quick, tasty, and cheap local bite of a true LA tradition, In N Out burger is a must. But as much as the stars and the Oscar parties love it, there are not many branches in the city. The one on Sunset in Hollywood or the branch just out side of LAX is probably the easiest to access. But don’t expect to be in and out of there, you may have to wait in line. Do it as locals do, don’t order from the board menu posted on the wall, order from the “secret menu” to avoid disappointment. Just google it and order everything animal style!

Discover the real Batman Cave up in Hollywood Hills
If you're a Batman movies fan or just really enjoy films, this is going to be an unforgettable experience! Hidden in Hollywood Hills, this is an original Batman cave from the TV series. This cave is one of the most popular movie locations and has been used in numerous films. It takes a little hike (10 minutes) so you can also enjoy the beautiful nature of the canyon, and then you can actually go inside of the cave and take pictures! On the other side of the cave you can take some shots of the Hollywood Sign as well.

Get your caffeine fix at one of LA's best coffee hangouts
LA takes its coffee seriously, and Intelligentsia offers the best coffee experience in the city. The location in Venice offers an industrial vibe and the smell of freshly ground coffee is just irresistible. Hang out with locals and visitors, and soak in the atmosphere near the beach.

And while you’re in Venice…Treat yourself to LA's best ice cream!
Los Angeles is all about staying on top of the latest trend - from fashion to music to food. It's a serious thing - even when it comes to ice cream. Salt & Straw is located on Abbot Kinney in Venice. The have very unique flavors and if you're want to keep up with the latest foodie trend, it is the hottest (coolest?) ice cream place in town right now.

Indulge in a dream selfie along Melrose Avenue Street Art
Melrose Avenue is typically known for trendy shops and boutiques, restaurants, comedy stores and even tattoo parlors. But recently Melrose Avenue has become a popular outdoor art gallery, known for colorful murals, aka street art. Whether walking or driving, there are many murals that are perfect for capturing those special Los Angeles memories and/or that perfect selfie. The art can and does change up, so you just never know what you’re going to find.

Enjoy Malibu's most magical beaches
On the way from Malibu to Topanga, there are plenty of beautiful hidden beaches with incredible views. With massive geological rock and cave formations scattered all over its shores, Matador Beach is a hidden gem for many who have discovered it. Sunsets are an especially great time to visit!

Discover new flavours in Little India, Artesia
Little India, a neighbourhood of Artesia in Southeast LA, is busy and lively with its own cultural art scene and amazing Indian food, fashion, and spice stores. Some say, if you haven't seen Little India, you haven't seen Los Angeles! Experience the colors and flavors of a one-of-a-kind Indian supermarket on Pioneer Boulevard, eating and savouring the most scrumptious of fusion food, snacks and beverages. Top the afternoon off with some exotic Indian ice cream and come away with a new appreciation for Indian food, culture, and flavors that you never knew existed!

Spend an afternoon at the best car museum in the world
Autoweek Magazine named this one of the best car museums in the world. The Nethercutt Collection and Museum sit across the street from each other and showcase all types of vehicles from pre-World War I touring cars to tricked-out low-riders. The vehicles range in size from a tiny 1933 Austin Bantam coupe, as small as a clown car, to an enormous 1911 Oldsmobile Limousine over seven feet tall. There are many classic Rolls Royces and even a charming 1913 cherry-red fire engine. The jewel in the Nethercutt crown is the stunning 1933 Dusenberg, which cost $20,000 new. The Collection shows off its best vehicles in an opulent replica of a 1920's high-end showroom complete with marble columns and crystal chandeliers. Amazingly, every single vehicle is in working order and even the 'Dusey' gets taken out for regular drives on the LA freeways.

We've included links with each tip to tours that involve the experience mentioned - and lots more! So if you're visiting Los Angeles any time soon, consider getting in touch with one of our local guides and plan your one of a kind day in LA.
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