New Experience: Food Tours in Kiev, Ukraine

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Our Ukrainian guide Pavel is passionate about making visitors feel welcome to his country, and making sure they don’t leave without full hearts…and stomachs! One of his favourite tours to do is a food tour that shines the spotlight on Ukraine’s traditional dishes. He joins us today to tell us more about why we should all try Ukrainian cuisine.

Hello, everyone, my name is Pavel. My main goal of being a guide is to give travelers as enjoyable, secure and safe a trip as possible. I sincerely want that every single person who is on tour with me have inner peace and happiness to enjoy their journey to the utmost. I love spending time with new people, building up friendships that have no boundaries of nationality, language, tribes or backgrounds. I respect all those who make the trip to my country, and look forward to meeting them.

One of my favourite ways to share a special experience with visitors to Ukraine is by creating culinary experiences for them.

Explore Ukraine on a Food Tour

While you are planning a trip abroad or already on a trip to a foreign country, but still contemplating what to do, think about a food tour! It offers a great privilege to explore the authentic cultural heritage of the country you're traveling within, not only with your eyes, but with your taste buds too. By means of the culinary tour, you figure out a city through its food. You will experience a new angle of a city and the whole country you are traveling through. In the Ukraine, on a Gastronomic Tour, or Food Tour, you'll taste the unique diversity of different dishes, such as:

- beetroot Borsch
- cabbage meat rolls
- stuffed potatoes pancakes
- vareniky (stuffed dumplings - cherry, meat or mushrooms)
- chicken Kiev stuffed cutlet
- pasta, mushrooms & truffle ice cream

Among the above dishes you may try while you are on a food tour, there are three that deserve your special attention. I’ll tell you a little about them, but of course you’ll need to taste them for yourself to really appreciate the flavours!

First, we have Borsch

What is Ukrainian borscht? On the one hand, borscht is a Ukrainian national soup, but on the other hand, it is not a soup at all. It took its name from the old Slavic word “br’sch” which means “beet”. Borsch is one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes. In Ukraine, there were three varieties of borscht. The red borsch (Червоний Борщ), the green borsch (Зелений Борщ) and the so-called cold borsch (Холодний Борщ) - which cooks exclusively in the summer. So what makes it special?

The red, the most beloved, is cooked with beets, beans, cabbage, carrots, parsley, and potatoes. Borsch can make a meat soup (with pork or poultry). Usually, reddened beetroot and use both beetroot and kvass. For taste, it is served with sour cream and to sharpen borsch, usually red pepper is also added. Borsch is typically served with doughnuts and garlic sauce. Red borsch is used widely not only as a daily dinner but also for social events and holidays.

We say Borsch will warm up your body and soul, bringing much more optimism to your
life’s challenges.

Next, you must try Kiev Chicken

When you are in Kiev, it goes without saying you must try Kiev Chicek! This is a kind of cutlet in the form of a chicken fillet. Chicken breast meat is hammered by a culinary hummer, and a piece of cold butter dressed with spices, grated cheese, mushrooms and egg yolk gets wrapped in the hammered piece of meat. The ready cutlet has an ellipsoidal shape and gets deep-fried.

…and don’t forget Dumplings

This Slavic dish is very famous and common in Ukrainian cuisine. Dumplings are made from fresh dough that is boiled and can be stuffed with different ingredients, like minced meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, cottage cheese, or berries. Served with sour cream.

You are most welcome to book a food tour in Ukraine with me. I am more than confident that you will enjoy this tour and keep coming back to Ukraine over and over again.
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