Discover Dragons and Volcanoes in Flores, Indonesia

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Last week we welcomed a new guide into the ToursByLocals network: John in Flores, Indonesia. We've had guides in Bali, Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra for some time, but John is the first guide from the island of Flores. He's also the only guide on our site who will take travelers to see the fearsome Komodo Dragons in their native habitat!

Flores' main draw are the vividly coloured blue, green and red crater lakes on Kelimutu volcano. Travelers should sneak up here early in the day to witness sunrise over the rim of the crater and watch as the lakes' colours glow and change with the rising sun. The beaches around Labuanbajo and its offshore islands offer some of Indonesia's finest snorkeling and diving; of course John knows the best spots. You can venture inland to the village of Todo to see traditional Manggaraian houses, or to Bena where the Bajawa tribes make their home. John can explain to you much about the traditional ways of life that many of these tribes continue to practice.

A boat ride from Flores to the nearby Komodo National Park on the islands of Komodo and Rinca is a must to see the lizards in their protected habitat. Reaching 10 feet in length and more than 300 pounds, Komodo dragons are the heaviest lizards on Earth. These fearsome predators will eat almost anything, including deer, smaller dragons, and even large water buffalo and humans. Dragon can eat as much as 80 percent of its body weight in a single feeding. John will tell you: unless you know they've eaten recently, don't get too close! People have been known to go missing on Komodo.

John is a passionate advocate for local tourism on Flores, and he is eager to design day-long (or longer!) adventures for travelers that reflects their unique interests in his beautiful and unique part of the world.

In his own words: Being the traveling companion of foreign tourists gives joy and adds excitement to the journey of my life. I love culture and nature and admire the shape of every jungle and mountain as they are parts of my life. In order to see the beauty of my island and feel the hospitality of its inhabitants, I now cordially invite you to come and enjoy Flores for yourself. I would be very happy to take you along the way wherever you want to travel.
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