Five Ways to Enjoy Munich

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Our guides in Munich love their city. And who can blame them? In the Bavarian capital, you're as likely to stumble upon ancient folklore as you are a sleek BMW - history and modern prosperity greet you at every corner. Today we’re joined by a few of these friendly Munich experts, who are eager to share some of their favourite ways to enjoy their hometown.

Five Ways to Enjoy Munich

Maxine’s Munich Tip
Take a stroll through the beautiful English Garden and watch the surfers practise on the artificial wave on the Eisbach (ice stream), all year round! You can take your bathing costume with you and jump into the "Eisbach" and let the stream pull you down the river (for experienced swimmers only!) This is the most exhilarating fun way to spend a hot summer's day and doesn't cost a penny. Not into the swim? Simply bring a picnic and watch the locals enjoy their leisure time.

Jake’s Munich Tip
For a taste of Munich’s famous frothy beverage, I suggest starting at the Augustiner Keller. Located near the Munich main train station it is where you can drink the amazing Edelstoff beer served from a wooden barrel. While enjoying your beverage take a moment to walk down into the basement of the restaurant. The door is usually open and it will surprise you with a real 19th century Lager room. This huge room was used for the storage of beer brewed for the summer months before mechanical refrigeration was invented. You will be awed by the size of the beer barrels that are now used as private tables and decorative backdrops. (Jake)

Jake’s Munich Tip #2 (he couldn’t stop at one!)
While wandering the downtown area of Munich you will want to stop by the famous Hofbräuhaus beer garden and restaurant. The home to unique history, great beer, and Bavarian music, it’s a must see for any visitor to the city. Plus the Hofbräuhaus is home to my favorite bakery! Walk behind the Hofbräuhaus near the entrance to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and tucked away in a small shop is the Hofbräuhaus-Kunstmühle. This is where you go for whole grain breads, semmels, and my personal favorite; the Käsestangen. If you go early these cheese covered bread sticks are still warm and leave an inviting smell along the street as you approach.

Maximilian’s Munich Tip
Discover the "Gärtnerplatz " area, located between Viktualienmarket, Hans-Sachs-Street and the Isar River. Experience a mixture of Culture, innovative lifestyles, trendy shops, unique cafes, local and international restaurants, eclectic bars and nightlife.

Stefan’s Munich Tip
Take a relaxed stroll through the Viktualienmarkt food market, grab a Leberkassemmel (Bavarian meat loaf in a roll) and a fresh Helles (lager beer) and then sit down in the beer garden and feel the real vibes of Munich. If you’re into the art scene, see some fine exhibitions of modern arts inside the largest Nazi building in town (Haus der Kunst) then head to the outdoor patio at the Golden Bar, facing the English Gardens. (Stefan)

As you can tell, our guides adore Munich, a city that feels safe, friendly, and fun. From the amazing pedestrian area inside the old city wall to the lively beer gardens spread throughout, Munich is nothing short of magical. So if you find yourself here sometime this fall or in 2019, let one of our guides know! They’ll make sure you fall in love with Munich, just as they have.
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