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Traveler reviews of guides and their tours are extremely important to ToursByLocals. Since the company began in 2008, our guides have delivered private tours to over 113,000 people, with reviews coming in for about half of them. We read and pay attention to every single review that travelers post to the ToursByLocals site. About 90% of reviews are five star ratings and 97% are four or five stars; it's so rewarding for us to know that a ToursByLocals guide has enriched someone's travel experience.

While looking through some recent ratings this morning, we came across three particularly glowing reviews from an American traveler named Ryan who had traveled to Mexico in June. Ryan took three private tours with Mexico City guide Monica, and had such wonderful things to say about her that we were prompted to share them here.

Thank you for taking the time to offer such thoughtful feedback, Ryan, and special thanks to Monica, for being such a wonderful guide and representative of ToursByLocals!

Tour #46144, 5 - 6 hours sightseeing tour of Mexico City
"The best guide we've ever experienced. Monica is perfect if you want to dive head first into the fascinating history, culture, and mythology of Mexico. She has so much knowledge and if you are not content with a bucket list of sites with standard descriptions canned from Lonely Planet, look no further. We spent time enjoying sites not on the bus tours with explanations and interactive history that bridged right into current Mexican beliefs and culture. We feel so lucky we found her."
Ryan Heater, United States
Jun 28/13

Tour #6209, Private tour of Puebla Valley
"Monica is the best. She was tireless and she spent extra time with us and not only do we consider her a fantastic guide, but we felt she really took care of us. She has the knowledge of a group of university professors but she made the information easy to understand. Her honest suggestions of things to buy, prices, local dishes to order, or where to focus time were appreciated! Puebla and Cholula are amazing and we can't wait to go back and tour with Monica again!"
Ryan Heater, United States
Jun 29/13

Tour #55476, Pyramids of Teotihuacan & Anthropology Museum
"Monica is incredible! She was flexible interesting, academic, and warm. We left Mexico planning our return to tour with her. She was able to give us an understanding of ancient history, local customs and beliefs, as well as showing us gems that were not in the tour books! We are happy to talk to anyone considering her. If you are looking for a personalized tour that feels like a private tour with a local archaeologist/sociologist/anthropologist - look no further. Teotihuacan should not be missed."
Ryan Heater, United States
Jun 30/13
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