Sub-Saharan Africa Sees Launch of First Low-Cost Airline

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Some interesting news emerged for our guides and travelers in Africa late this fall. On November 27th, the continent saw the launch of Fastjet, Africa's new European‐style, low-cost airline, which promises to revolutionize travel in the region.

Until Fastjet’s launch, travel options through much of Africa were limited to expensive full service charter flights and long overland bus trips, making it more of a challenge to move around the continent in a time- and cost-effective manner. Fastjet, based out of Tanzania, is aiming to change that.

Travelers heading to the trekking mecca of Kilimanjaro will be well served by the airline, as the Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro route is a part of its inaugural service.

Fastjet plans to expand its fleet to 15 aircraft within 12 months. Its initial route focus will be in East Africa, with hubs in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi serving Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda.

With one-way fares as low as US$20 (excluding taxes and surcharges for checked baggage), remote parts of Africa will be a lot cheaper and easier to get to in 2013, prompting CNN to declare Sub-Saharan Africa one of its "Top Travel Destinations" of 2013.

Hopefully if you have a 2013 trip planned to Africa, the new flight options will encourage you to stay longer and explore more of the continent. Happy travels!
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