International Film Crew Experiences Dubai with ToursByLocals Guide

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Yesterday our guide Houssam in Dubai had the fun (and challenging!) task of showing a film crew around his city of Dubai. The “November Films” Production Crew was in Dubai filming a travel show to be aired on a Norwegian network in early 2013.

The crew had requested a very specific view of the city from the water, so Houssam arranged a private moonlight cruise on a Dhow boat. Dhows are traditional sailing vessels that have been sailing the waters of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean for many centuries.

The heritage boat Houssam chartered for the tour is one of the largest and most ornate in Dubai. It took the crew past parts of Old Dubai, Dubai Diera & Bur Dubai, sailing through Dubai's natural creek, out to the mouth of the Arabian Gulf. The crew was able to indulge in a buffet of traditional Arabic cuisine, to listen to local music and watch Tanoura (a traditional folk dance) while on board.

Thanks Houssam for entertaining the film crew and making them feel at home in Dubai. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished product of the taping, which will be airing in Scandinavia in the New Year.
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