Auckland Journalist Hikes the North Shore

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Award-winning New Zealand travel writer Pamela Wade joined our guide Lois for a hiking tour on Vancouver’s North Shore last week. Pamela was in BC on a writing assignment for The Auckland Herald. Luckily the rains held off (never an entirely sure thing in June here on the West Coast) and the pair enjoyed a spectacular hike along the Baden Powell Trail in Deep Cove.

This portion of the Baden Powell trail is typical North Shore terrain: crawling with roots from the towering hemlocks, firs and cedars, the trail winds up and down through the temperate rainforest. Hikers make their way along the trail, periodically crossing creeks on wooden bridges, for about 45 minutes before reaching the stunning rock shelf called Quarry Rock. It’s the perfect lookout, lunch spot and turnaround point. From the rock, you can look north up the waters of Indian Arm and south back towards the lovely circular bay at Deep Cove. If you choose to hike this trail you’ll be in the company of a bevvy of locals, from seasoned trail runners to dog walkers and families backpacking infants and toddlers through the woods.

Once you’ve completed your hike, it’s an absolute must to stop into Honey’s Bakery along the main street; the euphoria you’ll feel biting into a homemade maple glazed roly poly donut will rival the lookout from Quarry Rock for the day’s best memory.

I was happy to learn that Lois took Pamela to Honey’s after their hike – and that Pamela loved the sweet treats. ToursByLocals guides like Lois are all about sharing the sort of insider local knowledge that makes a good outing like this a great one.
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